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 My Testimony
I woke up on the beautiful sunday morning at 4:00am. Having in mind that I had to get ready on time, so that I could join my family in going to church with the car. We had agreed to leave home at 5:30 to beat the fast building traffic on Lagos roads on sunday mornings. Off course, this was a wearisome change of plan from the initial agreement of leaving home on saturdays due to the distance of our church. But one thing was sure and inevitably certain, we had to be at church on a Sunday morning. The distance was glaring but our hearts were well connected and certainly we knew that where there is relationship, distance is no barrier.
Driving out of our compound into the street, I had  the urge to begin fellowship with the Lord, so I began to praise as we drove past well known areas around our neighborhood. Soon, we got to the supposed highway that should lead us to our destination but highways has turned ‘death-traps’. Roads that should run smoothly had deadly potholes that always brought speeding vehicles to a screeching halt. We had wondered before why supposedly repaired roads always had terrible potholes almost at the same spots. Little did we know our answer was just around the corner.
We manauvered safely through a few potholes but soon found ourselves faced with one that brought us to a total stop. Just in that instant as we kept singing and my sister at the steering, a thought ran through my mind about the slowness of our pace, a car dashed past, rocking heavily as reparcaution for racing through a ditch, but the driver did not seem to mind, he sped away… and just then I heard a crash.
The windows of our car, both driver and passengers was broken by hoodlums, grabbing all that they could, before expediting behind some trucks beside the road. All the while we kept shouting the Name of Jesus. When it was all over, we made it a point to report to the nearby police station and continue our journey to church. Arriving at church, we were privileged to meet with the presiding Bishop after the fourth service (because our church runs four full services every sunday). He blessed us, rebuked the devil and his workings against us and declared that we are recovering ‘ALL’ within 24 hours. We believed, praised God and went home. As we returned home, a call came in to my sisters phone(which was in her bag and was the only thing the thieves did not take) that some things belonging to my father was found. Also I was led to return to the spot of the incident, where I found other documents. Arriving home by evening, we obeyed the word of the Lord through His servant, the prophet and offered high praises to God. By the following day, my bible and that if my dad was retrieved, his dairy and other documents were found but in faith I do believe that I am recouping all ( of phones, laptop, PVC’s, ID cards,e.t.c.)
Amongst many other things, my thanksgiving to God is that our lives were kept safe, irreversible injuries were not inflicted on anyone and that God was with us all the way.
After that, I have vowed defeat to the devil the remaining days of my life, for he is a defeated foe by Jesus Christ and I have All the victory over him and I excercise all my rights against him as a citizen of heaven seated in heavenly places far above all principalities and powers. Amen.

Our Victory in Christ Jesus

25th February, 2016

Hello, Dear reader,

                     I know it’s been a while since my last post. I do sicerly apologise about that. 2015 had been one of those years where you fight the good fight of faith, just to keep your heads above the water; but the good thing about it, is that you grow more spiritual muscle against the whiles of the devil. In times like that, you learn more from the Lord how to handle the devil than any other time in you life and you gain mastery over the defeated foe for good. Amongst all of these I learnt to lean on grace more practically than I ever had because its one thing to have knowledge about a thing, its another thing to have heart understanding about it and a new ball game in puting what you know and understand in your heart to work practically.

But praise the Lord for bringing me through triumphantly. I write here to boldly declare unto you that truely His grace is sufficient. Into this year 2016, stupid devil thoght he could mess me up, together with my family,  but he failed this time in shame. In January,  as we were once again going out with my family to church on a friday afternoon, we were to navigate a curve with a truck in front of us. The traffic moved slowly so there was no need for apprehension.  Suddenly the truck in front of us began reversing on us. My sister honked and honked at the driver of this truck, every one at the bustop tried to call his attention but he  kept on reversing till he hit the bonnet of the car and was about doing it again when I got vexed in my spirit, got out of the car ready to give this ‘demon’ a piece of my spiritual mind. As I stepped out and  motioned towards the driver, it was as though the spirit that propeled him to perform the wicked act became scared of the light of Jesus advancing toward them as he hurriedly changed gears and sped away. I got even more angry in my spirit, got in the car and blasted at the devil the remaning drive to the church. See, that is always the mistake we make sometimes as christians, rather that turn our anger on the devil for the evil that tries to bring against us, we turn at God and judge Him unfaithful in our hearts. But you see, God is ever faithful, that is who He is, Faithful , Good, Just are All His Names. So, we must und erstand that there is no unrighteousness in Him or with Him. The one who always tries go come to steal, kill and destroy is the devil. That is his specialty, but Jesus came to restore everything good back to us and if we can learn to partner right with Jesus, we would get all our stolen joys and blessings back from the devil because Jesus came that we should have life and have it much more abundantly John 10:10.

Most of us understand the legal system and how it operates. When a lawsuit ensues concerning the custody of a child(a blessing). At some point, the prosecutor may be given custody of that child tentatively, but you don’t curse the judge out because of that, “No” neither do you curse out your lawyer; because you understand that this two are fundamental to the gaining custody of your child, no matter what. So what do you do, you play by the rules of the judge and the advice and instruction of your lawyer who in this case is Jesus Christ. Surprisingly, if you stay steady with that, soon enough you are sure to win this case because the lawyer is Jesus your brother and faithful high priest and the faithful judge is God your father who loves you as much as He does Jesus John17:23. But the only thing required of you is faith enough in your lawyer (Jesus Christ) and confidence in Gods faithfulness to judge in your favor. Remember one common thing the lawyer always says is be careful about what you say once you are in the witness stand as whatsoever you say can make or mare the destiny of this case, yes, it is the same with Jesus, He needs your faith words, your words of confidence in God and in His ability to deliver for you and not your doubt. I sense I am taking to someone right now, you are in that long drawn battle of your life, you have fought long and you are getting weary of it. No, you dont have to carrythe care on your own. Lean on the greatest lawyer of all, look up to Jesus the author and finisher of your faith, just come as you are to him, willing for a change and you are sure to leave his presence fully transformed and all weight lifted for your victory is at hand.

As we continued the journey and I blasted off in the HolyGhost agaist the devil, I had the thought to check the bonnet of the car to examine the level of damage done. I motioned my sister to drive into a gas station. I alighted from the car and went straight to the spot of the impact and behold, Not a scratch, nor a dent was found there, I smiled and said “Thank you Jesus”, because I knew that God just ruled in our favor against the wicked one. He can do the same for you, in fact He wants to do the same for you also. Just choose to believe Him taking a bold stand of Faith and declaration of faith irrespective of the challenge you are faced with. Lean on Grace and He’ll help you up to your place of destiny, Amen.