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How To Maximize Your Stay Home- Optimizing the New Normal.

Refuse to feed on fear, confusion or panic, neither feed 24/7 on the news media, rather invest this season, for a greater future full to the brim, with everything good you could ever imagine by the Grace of God…
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There is Hope For You in Christ!

Today is a New Day, take hold of it by Grace, even in this new Month rejoice and be Glad, that Christ Jesus has given you the Grace to see a Brand New Day. Be thankful and at Rest in Him today, refusing to worry about Tomorrow cares…

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Accessing the Lords Help in A New Year.

It doesn’t matter whether you are 10 or 12, 16 or 60, God is not a respecter of persons, what He did for one, He can do for you, if you would believe His word and follow His leadings in your life, His Help is Sure Continue reading

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The Jurisdiction of the Trio Prt 2

2.Jesus Christ- He is our redeemer, our fortress, our strength, who was made to us our wisdom sanctification, deliverer and saviour. He is the son of God. Reference Matt16:16-17, Mark1:1, Luke1:30-33, John1:33-34, Matt. 3:17, 17:5, Mark1:9-11 & 2Peter1:16-18. He Upholds … Continue reading

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The Salvation Prayer

God loves you so much, no matter who you are, any where in the world. God is not limited by your culture, colour, language, believe or sin. For He loves you so much that He gave His only dear son(Jesus … Continue reading

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