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​Glitches in Fulfilling vision by the Arm of the flesh Prt.2

No destiny can progress without the help of the Lord…being led, guided and helped of the Lord does not make you a puppet, rather it brings you in command over all of life’s Circumstances…John 16:13 Continue reading

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What it Means to Trust God

In the maddening speed of the worlds routine, people have become more earth conscious than God conscious…For until believers learn to trust God’s plans and purposes and begin pursuing after them His way. The world will continue to be in disarray, Continue reading

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Grace- the Unlimited Carrier

Grace carries you from were you are to were you ought to be and vision can never be fulfilled without grace. For Grace is the linking and catapulting force from your present situation to your place of destiny….. Continue reading

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Pathways to Accessing your Purpose in life

Being still helps your Spirit focus on heaven; rest, sharpens your sensitivity towards God. Stillness is not a luxury but a necessity when it comes to receiving from God and if knowing His will, (especially where your life is concerned) is your goal. Continue reading

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What is Your Purpose in Life? Prt.2

….for where our purpose is, there our glory and perfection is…. Continue reading

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What is Your Purpose in Life?

…before you were formed, there was deliberation in heaven about certain issues on the earth and who the best person was, to be sent to tackle that issue and when the conclusion was drawn, you were sent in agreement to the conclusion of the deliberation that you were the best person to go solve that problem on the earth… Continue reading

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