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Wisdom At its Best

Yielding to the Wisdom of the Spirit of God in your Business or Financial Life, Brings Great Increase… Continue reading

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Ways we Acquaint Ourselves with Gods Wisdom Prt.3

So are you challenged today in certain areas of life or the call/direction of God on your life, you don’t have to go through it guessing, rather get precision of direction by indepth study of the word via the help of the Holy Spirit and follow the lead of the Holy Spirit to get the necessary materials needed to advance your understanding in Gods word and to open you up to deeper revelations the Lord might be speaking to you on. Continue reading

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​Seeing the Manifestation of God’s Power   in every Vision

The truth is that the church was ‘NEVER’  meant to follow the worlds way of doing anything because we have being called out of darkness into the marvellous light of the kingdom of God, thus we are to live based on the terms of our own kingdom and not the worlds… Continue reading

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The Jurisdiction of the Trio

Each of the power trio have their place and assigned duties and neither of them break ranks, for they understand the importance of each other in the God head and are thus dedicated to their identity and responsibility in the … Continue reading

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