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How To Maximize Your Stay At Home: Optimizing The New Normal Prt. 6

Be Still and Enter into Rest- THE media and world around us has the most negative thing to say concerning life and living, but in times like this, we Are to tune up to heavens broadcast. Asking ourselves constantly, What … Continue reading

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Ways we acquaint ourselves with Gods Wisdom Prt.2

..as we behold Jesus in the mirror of His Word…our soul finds ease in knowing what He would have us do and greater ease in executing His plan in our lives and endeavours because grace would be there to lead the way, teach us how to walk in the way and working in us His good pleasure; bringing us through to our victory place. Continue reading

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Trusting The plans of The Lord

Don’t get into the trap to doubt the Lord or get angry with him because of a tragedy in your life, rather surrender your tragedies and wounds all to Him, trust Him to help you up, to heal your wounds and restore all your stolen dignity, Continue reading

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God is not Evil Prt 2

We need to understand that the devil seeks to pervert any good thing he can get his hands on and science would help you justify why things should go wrong, if you will allow it 1Timothy6:20-21. But the good God knows this and has given you an authority in Christ to rebuke the devil wherever you see his operation and enforce God’s good power for a reversal. Settle it in your heart, that God is 100% ‘Good’, because this would make all the difference in this world, your perspective to life and the solidity of your faith when challenging situations comes your way. Continue reading

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God is not Evil

When you find yourself in the midst of wild flowers in there raw beauty and splendor, then you would testify that there is a God who created the heavens and adorned the earth in His beauty; who crafted each flower with the words of His mouth and gave each there unique fragrance,colour and beauty to be wondered at and as a sign to His holy name. This good God did not make hurricanes to destroy cities, rather He created the peaceful wind that blows to air our world.God does not kill little children to have more angels in heaven, rather He seeks to heal children, so that they can fulfil the destiny He gave them upon the earth in grand-style and He deploys angels to protect them. God does not make you sick to teach you a lesson, rather He desires to heal you, so that the blood of His son does not go to waste over you and to show forth His loving-kindness towards you. Continue reading

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