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The Beauty of Beholding Jesus

…as we behold Him, He changes our circumstances even before we get to do anything about them… Beholding Jesus is our first call as Christians not working for Jesus, because in the kingdom of God, you cannot worship nor serve effectively what you dont know….John6:28-29…. So we understand that service becomes effectual and perfect when our fellowship with the Lord is intact and rich. Continue reading

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What it Means to be Unequally Yoked Pt 4

The world and the Kingdom of God are two parallel lines that can never meet… Continue reading

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The Faithfulness of God

Hello, Dear Reader, You are most welcome to glow4life; this is a web community of Grace followers, dedicated to sharing and ministrying the grace of God to ¬†every person on the planet. I believe you would have a life transforming … Continue reading

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