Many have thought things unheard of, spoken of tales untold and believed unending lies, yet to everyone in this areas, they believe they believe they are right and of great wisdom. But the question is what is Truth? Together we will find this out and have this unending truth unveiled in leaps and bounds…

February 27th 2015
Traditions and cultures had begun over a thousand years before Jesus was born.From the time man came into existence, fell and started having clans and families, interacting one towards another, they began having believes and ideas based on their experiences. Soon these believes were assimilated as customs, cultural believes and traditions which were passed from one generation to the next. it was in this ways that believes and traditions, and myths and legends were founded.


March 15th, 2015


when you hear things as “the crowing of the cock in the afternoon speaks danger locking around” you know that the African proverb is released and made manifest. Do not be mistaken, proverbs are wisdom’s put together in words by men of great experience and inner insights in time past who sacrificed one thing or the other for the welfare of their family and generations to come.

Over the years from generation to generation many believes have added on and increased and revelations have come forth by the coming, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ which have floored them all. Thus, according to Paul in the book of 1Timothy4:7 and 1Timothy6:20, we are to avoid profane, vain babbling, old wives fables and oppositions of science. In Titus3:9, Paul speaks of avoiding foolish question and genealogies and contentions , why you may ask, because they are unprofitable, and they cause you to err concerning faith meaning it makes a ship wreck of Faith.

I have come to discover that the believes in our culture and in the world system run in opposite direction to faith and to the principles in the Kingdom of God. According to Colossian2:8 we are to keep away from being corrupted, from the traditions of men, after the rudiments of the world and not  after Christ. Thus we realize that keeping from, avoiding refuting and rejecting all these myths and legends is a key word in dealing with them,in scriptures.



1.When the wicked suffer, the righteous suffers also- we must be aware of the truths in the kingdom,because only the truth keeps free and makes free. The righteous has a redemption plan and and exemption plan with God. Thus as it was with the Israelite, so has God planned for the righteous, that while there was darkness and death in Egypt there was light and life in Goshen. Thus it is a lie of the devil through the world to say that the righteous would suffer with the wicked, never. God never planned it so for the end of the wicked is destruction but the life of the righteous is life abundantly and his death is peace.