There is a haven I know
Full of joy, peace and rest,
Thoroughly furnished in pure gold
And embellished with all precious stones
Its cloud are perpetually bright
With the brilliance of rainbow Lights
Streaming freely from the throne
Which is its source alone

There is no darkness there
Neither can night be found in there
Only the sound of jubilating you’ll hear
With shouts of celebration every were
Everyone in fullness of joy
And full of deep satisfaction

Because their king is here
And all their needs are met
For He brings them in Himself
To give them total Rest
Total rest from all their fears
With their reward in His hands

Simply by His Precious Grace
He shows them His Glorious Face
Because they believed in His Name
While they where still on the earth
Even when their friends laughed at them
And the world made a fool out of them

They kept their faith in Him
Believing Him till the end
that to this haven He would bring
Them into His total peace
Placing on them a dazzling crown
A dazzling crown of victory


Revelation 21:1-25

PhotoCredits- Carlos S. http://www.heavenstruth.blogspot.com