The thought of man is written in couplets, the thought of men are inked on beautiful papyrus, all for the lifting of the soul and encouragement of the heart.
Glow poems is for your edifying, upliftment and perfect growth.

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Grace in His Faith Forever

25 February 2016

Sitted still in hope

Wondering steadily in doubt

The fluctuations of the heart and soul

Pondering on the Faith that excelleth.

Who would have known that a simple child

born to a naive mom

into an unseeming family

Would become the Lord of All.

Who would have thought

That a brutish man as the casual fisherman

Would become the undaunted rock of All

An Apostle to be forever reckoned with

Beyond the aisle of earthly priesthood

Whether of the pharisee nor of the saducee.

For nothing unseemingly is there about faith

Absolutely nothing undaunted about her power

For her glory superceeeds the earths

And resoundsin the heavens

Where no man dares interfers

Calling those things the be not as though they were.

Transforming the altar from brass to gold

And the temple from flesh to Spirit

And the heart from stone to flesh

Changing our horizon

Changing our course

Changing our destiny forever and ever

Beyond the stars

Beyond the scrutiny of men

And beyond our faults.

Who says this faith is faint

Who dares to deny her power, her grace her truth

For he it is that is fooled to his destruction.

But this I tell you

This faith exalts unto VICTORY FOREVER.