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The Power of The Blessing.

ONLY in Christ Jesus would you find the perfect help you need without negative appendages, toilings nor pains…
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live out your conviction of faith, irrespective of the world’s ideologies… Continue reading

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New Goals, New Dreams, New Visions- Optimizing The New Normal Prt. 8

New Dreams and Visions are coming your way… it’s not enough to come up with self goals, Rather it is Better to have our goals set for Us & delivered to us by Christ Jesus, our vision sharer and Vision giver, who Never Fails… Continue reading

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Evaluate Yourself – How To Maximize Your Stay At Home Prt. 7

After your time With God and In His Word, you will come Away with a Clearer identity of who You truly Are in Him and You’ll come Away with Clearer concepts and ideas of what to do and how to go about what to do, to see your desired results in Life

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How To Maximize Your Stay At Home: Optimizing The New Normal Prt. 6 Cont’d.

Many times we are too busy seeking spooky Signs in the Sky, or Pragmatic Solutions from experts or government, that we loose sight of Christ’s Presence in our life’s, calling us up to Rest and Fellowship with Him, where we come Away with precise wisdom for daily living. Continue reading

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How To Maximize Your Stay At Home: Optimizing The New Normal Prt. 6

Be Still and Enter into Rest- THE media and world around us has the most negative thing to say concerning life and living, but in times like this, we Are to tune up to heavens broadcast. Asking ourselves constantly, What … Continue reading

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Make Christ’s Plans Your PLAN.

In the coming days and months ahead, key decisions would be placed at your door step, requiring your choice to make but BEWARE, Not to make your choice, seeking Gods blessing on it, rather seek God’s will via His Word and Spirit in you and you’ll Never go wrong… Continue reading

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