How to Overcome Sin Prt.4

5. Engage the Force of righteousness through faith- believing you are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus 2Cor.5:17-21 and declaring it by faith no matter what happens is the secret to sustainable holiness in God because it is in focusing on your new root of righteousness and not on any fruit of sin you find yourself exhibiting that your new root in Christ Jesus is established and made to bear fruits unto holiness in righteousness, Eph.2:10, Gal.2:21 & Rom.9:31-32.

Eliminating sin in a persons life is the work of righteousness, therefore you kill the fruit of sin by entrenching your righteousness root in Christ Jesus by faith  (Rom.8:10-1,1Cor.15:34 & Rom.5:14-21). You successfully do this by the following ways:
A) Spending quality time in the word of Grace daily- You grow faith in this area by feeding on your gift of righteousness in Christ Jesus. For faith comes by hearing and hearing  the word of God Rom.10:17 you can only fight with what you know. When you are well armed with the revelation of Gods love for you and your unconditional righteousness status in Him, then you would be able to resist the devil when he comes to attack you with thoughts of condemnation, guilt and sin.

You see, one of the ways the devil holds a person in the bondage of sin is through condemnation and guilt. He may say to you “you are such an acholic, God doesn’t want to have anything to do with you” or he may say “you are a great hypocrite, you go to church on Sundays and smoke all through the week! You are living a big lie ”. I have good news for you, the moment you made a concrete decision before the Lord that you wouldn’t smoke anymore by His help. Grace had kicked into motion from then on to help you, deliver you and set you free. It doesn’t matter what happens from that point on. For if you still fall into the temptation of that sin, as long as you hold fast your confession of faith that you are the righteousness of God in Christ, your victory over the sin would be established. For by strength shall no man prevail, but Jesus strength is made perfect in our weaknesses if we would believe and claim His strength working in us, right in the midst of our weakness.

Rehearsing your sin would only make you sin more, but combating that sin from your position of righteousness in God would make you triumphant over it forever. Therefore it is wisdom to search out your righteousness status and  benefits in Christ Jesus; so that you can stand on them in Faith to wither out every  fruit of sin, remaining in your life as a believer (All of the Pauline Gospel extensively deals with this- from Romans to Philemon, including Hebrews).

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How to Partake of the Communion in faith Against Sin.

The communion is the blood and the flesh of Jesus, which we receive in symbolism by faith through any solid food and drink which we set aside for this purpose. In Mattew14:22-24, we see Jesus take from the food(which happened to be bread) they were eating and by faith He said “take,eat: this is my body”, then He took out of the drink and gave to them to drink of His blood of the New Testament.

So, partaking of the communion is an act of faith you engage by taking the flesh and blood of Jesus Christ in faith. This can be done by taking a nut size cut from a bread loaf (or any other solid food available to you) and a cap full of water, juice or wine (non alcoholic) you have at your disposal, blessing it in faith as the communion according to Matt14:22-24 & John 6:53-58. Ever since I caught revelation of the communion years back, I have made it an habit to partake of it often whenever I eat and I have seen tremendous miracles in my life, ranging from healing in my body, deliverances, to breakthroughs, wisdom and so much more. Depending on what I am eating, I can take a little out of my bread or biscuit, or apples e.t.c  and take a little from my cup of either water, milk, juice, wine(non alcoholic) e.t.c say the prayer of faith according to John 6:53-58, and partake of it by faith.

You see, the crux and anchor of the communion is your Faith, believing with your heart and declaring with your mouth what Jesus said concerning the communion as you eat of it. Call to remembrance, Jesus ultimate sacrifice on the cross for your sanctification, discerning that His body sanctifies you Heb.10:10 & 1Cor11:24-29 and His blood cleanses you Matt26:28. Once you can rest in this truth in partaking of the Lords table(the communion) go to rest and allow Jesus work on you. Don’t try to be self righteous, rather turn yourself over to Jesus and you would find that He would sanctify you unto purity and holiness to the point where sin would become appalling to you 1Thess.5:23-24. For Jesus gave us the communion, so that our liberty in Him can be established 1John5:6-8. This is because you are loved of the Lord, cleansed and sanctified by Him Heb.10:10, thus making the will to sin to become dead in you. By the communion we are made alive unto God through Jesus flesh and blood and dead to sin and sinning by the potency of His flesh.

The truth about Jesus is that He is more willing to set you free than you can ever imagine and as a matter of fact, He perfected all that is necessary for you to obtain and walk in your freedom against sin. All that He needs from you is your faith to believe this truth and receive the token of His covenant for you in the symbol of His flesh and blood. For He said in John6:53-58, that whosoever partakes of the communion, dwells in Him and He in that person. So that the way He lives by God we should also live by Him(Jesus Christ) also. You see, God puts His action where His love and word is. He doesn’t just pay lip service to the love He has for us rather, He sees to it that we are free in Christ Jesus for ever at the instance of our faith and acceptance of the Jesus sacrifice for us.

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How to Overcome Sin Prt.3

4. Look to Jesus Christ- Let your focus rest  perpetually on Jesus who is the author and perfecter of your faith. As you focus on him, you are transformed into His image. Two major ways of focusing on Jesus Christ are:
a) Spending time in His words all through the New testament. Focus on the words of Grace and your liberty is sure, because Grace works liberty and freedom in us from any bondage of sin Acts13:37-39 & Ephesians 5:25-27 reveals that Jesus cleanses and sanctifies us by the washing of water by the word. By these scriptures we see that we are cleansed and set free from sin by the word of Grace through Christ Jesus. Jesus said you shall know the truth ad the truth shall make you free. True freedom comes in Christ Jesus via His words of truth all through scriptures. The word washes you clean and keeps you clean. So stay with the word, stay in the word, abide in Him daily and your freedom is sure.

  b) Partake of the communion Table. Jesus said you who takes the communion would dwell in Him and He in you and you would live by Him just as He lives by the father John6:53-58. He also said, as often as you take the communion you do it in remembrances of Him 1Cor.24-25, thus partaking of the communions helps you to put in remembrance always Jesus and the sacrifice He made for you on the cross, thereby empowering you against sin and giving you victory over every evil habit. Luke22:19 & 1Cor.11:24-26.

The communion infuses the Life of Jesus Christ in you, thus causing you to live by Jesus as Jesus lives by the father John 6:57. It is a mystery we engage by faith, which delivers l on a high scale to us, Jesus power and ability even in us. It takes self  out of the equation and focuses on Jesus. You see, Jesus wants us to focus on Him a lot and not on ourselves and abilities; thus by the communion, He said as often as you take the communion you do it in remembrance of Me(Jesus and the sacrifice He paid for you on the cross) causing your victory over all of life’s situations, challenges and sins to be totally established.

By the communion we are made alive unto God through Jesus flesh and blood and dead to sin and sinning by the potency of His flesh which we eat by faith Heb.10:10. So as you keep engaging the mystery of the communion table constantly, your victory over sin is sure to be established because by the communion, you are receiving the blessedness of your covenant with God through Jesus, therefore the devils hold over you has to go. You see, by the communion table you have activated Gods Grace in your life and where light shines, darkness cannot comprehend it. So sin must give way to light(Jesus, Grace, liberty, freedom) everyday and every time John1:4-5 & Rom.6:14.

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How to Overcome Sin Prt.2b

Stop condemning yourself or allowing the devil to condemn you, because their is no condemnation to you in Christ Rom8:1 and if you would believe His love, you would see the  Holy Spirit  convincing you of your righteousness in God John16:7-11, for vs.10 was referring to us as believers and not the world. Also by believing the love Jesus has for you, you would be activating His Grace in your life, which would engender your liberty in Him and His deliverance would be able to manifest in you where you are. The devil understands that Gods love can shield a believer and set you free, thus he tries to deceive you into thinking that God is perpetually angry with you which is a lie. For God already said He would be merciful to your unrighteousness, your sins and iniquities He would remember no more Heb.8:12 that is the new covenant we belong to. Now if He said that and we know He is a faithful God 1Cor.1:9 who cannot lie Numbers 23:19, why can’t we believe Him.

You see, the Holy Spirit speaking through Paul said, “where sin abounds, Grace does much more abound” Rom.5:20. This is not a licence for sinning rather it is a declaration of assurance by God that when we are in sin or struggling with sin, Gods Grace is always abundant towards us to set us free from its hold and entanglements in our life’s. For if we run from God in condemnation we abide still in the sin Jesus shed His blood to severe us from but when we come boldly to the throne of Grace there we obtain mercy and find Grace to help us out of our predicament in time of need and that is Gods perfect will for our life’s Heb.4:16.

Therefore, believe His love, receive His Grace and your liberty from that sin and addiction is sure because that love would destroy the devils hold over you and keep you away from sinning.

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How to Overcome Sin Prt 2a

3. Have Faith in the Love God has for you- Many are stuck to the life of sin, because they find it hard to believe Gods unconditional love for them. They find it difficult to believe and receive His love because they feel they are unworthy due to their diverse act of sin. What they do not realise is that as a believer in Christ, Jesus paid all the sacrifice, so that Gods love can become unconditional towards them. Condemnation is the root cause for sinning in the life of a believer, for the devil knows that once he can keep you in the realm of condemnation, you wouldn’t be able to believe for Gods Grace, thus sin would be able to overpower you. Remember that scripture says it is the goodness of God that leads us to repentance,( not condemnation) Romans 2:4.

Condemnation draws us away from God,while faith in Gods unconditional love for us by Grace, pulls us towards Him. It is just practical that when a child knows his/her father to be a brut, it would always cause that child to run away from his/her father which would eventually birth rebellion in that child. But when a child knows how much He or she is loved unconditionally by His/Her father, it makes the child  run to His/Her father even to repent of their sins to Him because they know they are loved of Him. I had the opportunity to baby sit my nephew a few times, and something I noticed was that whenever he would throw tantrums and defy instruction, if I could call him to myself, hold him close and I tell him I loved him, he always became calm, then begins to do what I instruct him, even seeking to please me effortlessly. That is how the mind of an humans has being programmed by God; we thrive by love. Without knowing the love of God for us, we malfunction.

No matter what may be happening in your life right now you need to believe the love God has for you if you truly want to break free from the hold of that sin and reproach in your life. Only He has the power to set you free, so why not believe Him and receive the love He has for you today. You can’t help yourself, so stop trying.

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How to Overcome Sin

Sin is first a nature governed by the devil before it is an act. Therefore in other to overcome sin(the nature) and sinning(the act), you must relinquish yourself and efforts to Jesus Christ, trusting that He finished the deal at the cross and enforced it in hell for your sake, thus with that understanding, you can yield to Jesus in the following ways:

1. Repent of the Sin and receive your forgiveness and cleansing by faith. Under Grace, you are not begging God for the forgiveness of your sins  because scriptures says He has forgiven you of all your trespasses and sins in Christ Jesus Eph.2:1 & Col.2:13, rather you are solely required to confess your sins, repenting of them before the Lord 1John1:9. Once this is done, scriptures says The Lord is faithful and just to forgive you of your sins and cleanse you from all unrighteousness. So the only thing required of you from then on is to receive your forgiveness and cleansing from all unrighteousness by faith.

2. Make a quality decision of sincerity against sin- For Grace thrives and blossoms in sincerity and in Truth 1Corinthians 5:7-8. The way to keep the unleavened bread of Grace, working in your life is to stay sincere unto God. Grace comes to you without conditions and sustained with an open heart towards God always. Many persons seek to make excuses for their sins by Grace, using Grace as a reason to sin. But they fail to realise that by being comfortable in their sins, the power of Grace cannot be activated in them to set them free. I am yet to meet a true believer who loves to sin. Though a believer may fall into one sin or the other at interval, or may struggle with an addiction but once you take hold of the truth of Gods Grace in your life, the Grace of God in you would make  uncomfortable with that act of sin, because the righteousness of God in you wars against sin, because you are now dead to sin 1Pet2:24. So, a Christian under Grace does not pursue after sin but dwells in the righteousness of God by faith(which is the predominant force in a believers life) Rom.6:14. But when a person seeks to always make excuses for his/her sin, then it reveals that the seed of truth in the word of Grace unto salvation is not in them because we are saved by the incorruptible seed of the word of God which abides forever in us 1Pet.1:23. Therefore a true believer does not like to sin, rather a true believer is always looking for a way out of sinning. Therefore by sincerity of heart and truth(openness towards God, no matter what), Grace is kept alive in our lives.

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Overcoming the Stronghold of Law and Sin in Every Church.

In Every church their are always two categories of people, wanting to stay in her. The first category are those who truly got born again and seek to please God. The second category are carnal Christians and those who do evil. They try to hid under the church to perpetuate their evil works and satisfy their carnality. This latter part are few compared to the first category. But what we see in the church world today is that the church focuses more on the latter category than the first category, thereby loosing the first in the process. You don’t and cannot get the fruits of righteousness flowing in a church by focusing on sin or by some set of rules, it never works, even as we see in the life’s of the Israelites, for the more the laws, the more they sinned Exodus 20 & Romans7.
By focusing on righteousness and Grace, believers in the church would be strengthened and blossom in Christ Jesus, while the unbelievers in the church would be brought to repentance by Jesus Himself because it is the goodness of God that bring people to repentance Rom.2:4, not the law nor religion. Also, if a believer in that church falls to sin, the church is to restore such a person through Grace, not law in judging them. Notice that Grace doesn’t teach us to encourage sin but to deal with sin by turning to Grace in the Spirit of meekness Gal.6:1- 2. When you subject sin to the acid test of Grace, sin dries up from the roots.

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