Look Up!

Many ponder on what it means to look up to Jesus the Author and finisher of your faith Heb.12:2. Well, the answer is simple, it takes  focus on the Lord. When you are looking up, you are not looking to self nor to the circumstances surrounding your life rather you are looking up to Jesus Christ the author and finisher of your faith. Your faith and trust is wrapped and focused on Him unwaveringly.

Jesus as the author of your faith means he is the source of your faith. The center and focus of your faith. Many people have become deceived into focusing on their various degrees and certifications as their source. Others consider their pay check as their source. But in all of this money makes a lousy god and tragedies a deadly task master but our faith in and focus on Jesus Christ and His Word of Grace would be the spiritual force that attracts money and all forms of wealth to us and not the other way round. This is so because, because True Faith in Jesus has the capacity to attract all goodly blessings into our lives, destroying all forms of darkness and giving us the victory, in and by Christ Jesus.

When the material world becomes your source and motivation, then you have made temporal things your foundation and stronghold . Jesus said for every house built upon the sand was crumbled when the heat, storm and rain came Matt.7:26-27. But when we rest in Jesus- the Rock 1Cor.10:4 we can never be moved, shaken nor destroyed in the worst of conditions. For he that has believed has entered into rest and ceased from his own labour Heb.4:10-11. When a man focuses on the flesh he is sure to fail because the flesh profits nothing John6:63.

Jesus as the finisher of your faith means that He is the perfecter as He is the developer of your faith Hebrews7:19. When you are in Trial He is the one that sustains you and when your gaze is truly on Him and not the challenge, you would be at rest and not in turmoil. When Jesus is the finisher of your faith, your testimony is sure to come by Him and not by your own efforts because Jesus is the one that opens the door unto you and brings you in through it, just like He did for King Cyprus Isaiah 45:1-3. When Jesus Christ is your ‘Only True’ Source and Perfecter, nothing can ever go wrong Jer.17:7-8

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When the Earth Around you is in Turmoil; What do you Do?


Photo Credits to Greg Olsten

     Photo Credits to Greg Olsten

Luke 21:25-28 rightly paraphrases the times we are in, and the best way to live in it. Jesus speaking to His disciples said, “there shall be signs in the sun an in the moon an in the stars and upon the earth distress of nations with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring”. The words of Jesus rightly confirms the prophesy of Joel and Isaiah in Joel 2:2&10 where the Holy Spirit speaking through Joel said “it is a day of darkness and gloominess…the earth shall quake and the heavens tremble” and Isaiah 60:2 which said “darkness shall cover the earth and gross darkness the people”. All of these are a pointer to the events that would take place before the coming of Christ.

All through the world, we hear of wars and rumours of wars, we see and experience hurricanes, earthquakes, wild fires etc all around the world but it is interesting to note the words of Jesus Christ as regarding this times. Luke 21:26 says “Mens hearts failing them for fear and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth; for the powers of heaven shall be shaken”. Men’s heart shall fail them out of fear which shall arise from all these evils. But vs 28 reveals the Lords advise to us right in the midst of disaster, saying “when these things begin to come to pass then Look up, and Lift up your heads; for your redemption draws near”

Therefore Jesus words to us right in the midst of the world’s turmoil today is “Do Not Fear but Look Up to Me, the Author and finisher of your Faith and it shall be well with you”, Hebrews12:2 & Isaiah43:1-2 Have you being buffeted today or devastated by one tragedy or the other, Jesus is saying to you today; “Look up and trust me, shift your gaze and focus unto me, relay on me to carry you through this mess, till you come to my place of wholeness that I have for you.”

Fear gets nothing done nor fixed but complicates matters, thus we know that fear attracts the devil and his work against us, but faith and trust in God attracts God to us and activates His power in life. For Job said the thing that I greatly feared has come upon me Job3:25. Thus we see and understand the truth that Jesus spoke to us, in saying ‘Men’s heart failing them for fear and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth’. Therefore the wisdom in this piece of advise is to focus more on God and His word than on the world. Meditate more on the truth of scriptures and Gods protection plan for you than on the tragedies of life and most importantly rest more in Jesus Christ and His love for you than being agitated by the events around you and news streaming to you because whatsoever you focus on becomes your thoughts and as a man thinks in his heart so is he Prov.23:7.
Jesus said be of good cheer, for I have overcome the world John16:33.

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Trusting the Lord Through Adversities Cont’d.

Jesus said I would be with you always Matt.28:20 and I would never leave you nor forsake you Heb.13:5. If God said that and we know He is not a man that He should lie, nor a son if man that He should repent Numbers23:19 then, we can take His statements to the bank and rest in his love for us because He always puts His action where His love is. That is the God we serve, for Rom.8:32 says “He that spared not His own but delivered Him up for us all, shall He not with Him also freely give us all things?” So, if God has made up His mind concerning you and His unconditional love and commitment to you, now is the time for you to make up your mind concerning Him and your unconditional trust of Him, especially in the hardest places of your life, because then, you would be able to receive the marvellous help of the Lord He has being offering to you all along.

We need to understand that when we are at our lowest ebb, Jesus gathers us in His arms and helps us up like a wounded sheep, nursing us till we are fit to stand again. God speaking in Isa.49:13-16 says “for the Lord has comforted His people and will have mercy upon His afflicted” the Lord went on to say, though you may be forgotten and may lack compassion from everyone including tour mother, yet will He not forget you. Should this be a surprise to us? when all this decades He has always said “I am the good shepherd” John10:11 & 14. Notice that a good shepherd always protects and shields the sheep from danger even as He leads them through green pastures and still waters Psalm 23:2. But peradventure evil strikes, this good shepherd would chase hard after the attacker, whether it is a lion, a fox or a wolf, kill it and rescue the sheep from the mouth of the devourer; just as David did when He was rearing His father’s sheep 1Sam.17:34-36. David chased after the lion and the bear, killed them at two different occasions and rescued the sheep’s from the jaws of death. If a young boy like David could do this, how much more would our all powerful good shepherd rescue us each time from the perils of this world, comfort us right in the midst of loss and restore to us all the enemy thought he had stolen from us! Isa.61:7 & Joel 2:25.

All Jesus requires of us, is our faith to trust in Him and His unconditional love for us to do for us, exactly what He said and beyond. He desires that we allow Him manifest His love in our lives and receive His help, all by Faith. Isaiah 43:1-7 is a glossary of Gods protection, leads, and restoration plans for every believer. He said He would give the heathen for your life and He would give up your adversaries for your safety and peace because He loves you.

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Trusting The Lord through Adversities


     Photo Credits to Greg Olsen

The lies of the devil has always being same from the beginning of time, He slanders us before God and also slanders God before us. Accusation is his weapon, both ways. This He did with Adam and Eve, by painting God in a bad light before them, making them think God was hoarding power and knowledge and didn’t want them to be as He was which was all a lie because God had already made them as He was Gen.1:26-28 & 3:1-7. We also see the same pattern He used against Job, by slandering Job before God. This He did, by saying that Job only feared God because God protected him, thus in such heated conversation, He got permission to afflict Job and to spare only his life. Job1:1-end & Job2:1-7.

Notice that the event concerning Job took place before Christ birth, for after Christ death and resurrection. The Holy Spirit speaking through Paul in Romans 8:1 tells us that there is now no condemnation to us in Christ Jesus and that nothing can separate us from the Love of God, which is in Christ Jesus. Paul went on to say in Romans 8:31-39 that neither shall  tribulation, distress, persecutions, famines, nakedness, perils, or sword Rom.8:31-39. For He also said that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, can separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Meaning, no matter what lies or accusations the devil makes against us or tragedy the devil may cause in our lives today, God has made up His mind that they would never stand in the way of His love for us, for He is ready to do all it takes to show forth His love in us and for us and to draw us out of that predicament, fulfilling all the great plans He has for us and our lives because it is His love and help that restores us and establishes us in life. Job had no saviour to redeem him or his identity before God, but we have Jesus Christ who shed His blood for our redemption, sanctification and right standing with God, no matter what Heb.10:19-23.

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Trusting The plans of The Lord


The Lord ways are higher than your ways and His thoughts are higher than your thoughts Isaiah55:9. God was referring to the human way of thinking when He said so. For His wisdom are hidden from the natural man 1Cor.2:14 but to us in Christ Jesus, being led of the Spirit of God, His ways are made plain 1Cor.2:12. Thus to every believer in Christ Jesus who are led by the Spirit are called the sons of God Rom.8:14. Therefore as sons of God, we are now made supernatural beings in Christ and should focus on God and His ways of doing things and being right and not own plans and paths 2Samuel22:31

Right in the midst of the storm (which the devil wrought to daze your faith), If you will trust the Lord, depending on Him for strength, then you would find that what the devil tried to harm you with, God would turn it around for your good because “all things work together for good to them that Love the Lord and are called according to His purpose” Rom 8:28.

This is just to encourage you today, that no matter what you are going through or faced with, the Lord is with you through it all. Don’t get into the trap to doubt the Lord or get angry with him because of a tragedy in your life, rather surrender your tragedies and wounds all to Him, trust Him to help you up, to heal your wounds and restore all your stolen dignity, for then He would help you up. For who can get angry with their helper and yet be saved? His help is ever sure, but resisting His help, keeps us away from His power.

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What it Means to Trust God

The world is going in a swirling rigmarole. Swift speed and instancy has become the identity of anything worthwhile and the word ‘time’ has become more predominant than in any generation.

While all the above mentioned qualities of the world is a good leap forward to enhance livelihood and increase productivity,it is fast becoming a substitute to living a life of trust and absolute dependence on God. There are certain things in life that does advance by the use of technology, but their is absolutely nothing in life that would stop being dependent on God neither can anything advance without His help.

In the maddening speed of the worlds routine, people have become more earth conscious than God conscious that many begin to think life would be nothing without the input of man and his technology, but I would like to submit to you this truth; that life would be nothing without God and His sustaining power in it John1:3 because in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth and He sustains all things by the word of His power Hebrews 1:1-3.

God has given man authority to live and  rule over the earth Gen.1 &2, Luke 10:19 but if man chooses to vote God out of influencing the happenings in the earth or in life through unbelief and prayer-lessness, then man would have the world in a mess just as we have it today. The world we are living in today is not the one God created at the beggining. It fell at the disobedience of Adam and Eve and continued to degenerate since then Gen.3. Despite all of mans earthly attempt to get the world back into shape, it continues to degenerate thus scriptures says the earth is groaning and waiting for the manifestations of the sons of God Romans 8:19 (who would come and restore the earth to its rightful place in God). God saw the downward slope the world was headed and knew He had to manifest His rescue plan which he had ordained from the foundation of the world 2Pet.1:18-20, in the person of Jesus Christ. When Jesus fulfilled the mission, the world was saved again and power was restored back to man as it was in the garden of Eden Luke10:19. Now the big question is why is the world still in a disarray?

For until believers learn to trust God’s plans and purposes and begin pursuing after them His way. The world will continue to be in disarray, because we are the light of the world, a city set upon a hill that cannot be hidden Matt.5:14

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How to Overcome Sin Prt.6   

7. Keep yielding to Grace- Grace, empowers you above sin, and teaches you how to stay clean Titus 2:11-14. Grace keeps teaching us how to deny ungodliness, and how to live righteous.  Grace amongst every other thing is the empowerment to live righteous. As you yield to Him, Grace teaches you and empowers you, on how to live out the righteousness of God you already have in Christ Jesus(at new birth). Grace would take you line upon lines, precept upon precept on how to live right and He would never let you go, if you would yield to (allow) Him.  Yielding to Grace requires our Faith in Jesus, the righteousness we now have in Him and boldly declaring and taking a stand of faith in our righteous positioning, at the face of sin. Following Grace way, gives no room for the devil in your life, because you bring your flesh under by abiding in the vine. Rom.8:1-11 & John15:4-5

I know of people who have adamantly refused to follow Christ or receive His help and have failed concerning their battles against sin. But this has never being His will. For the will of Jesus Christ has always being to help you and empower you by His Grace, out of that sin you are struggling with. So maximise His offer and receive your liberty by His Grace.  Stop struggling with sin, rather start yielding to Grace for your liberty. As you listen and yield to Grace, sin and reproach is bound to drop off your life forever because sin shall not dominate you when you are under Grace Rom.6:13-15, . Meaning a yieldedness to Grace is the secret to living triumphant above sin.

To yield means to follow the lead of another. To become conformal to the will of another. To come into fellowship and intimacy with another and to receive help and succour from another. God in the New Testament, never intended for us to overcome sin by ourselves, but He ordained that through the blood of His son Jesus Christ, we should receive through the Grace of Christ, victory over sin forever Romans6:3-11 & Eph.2:5. Allow your faith rest in the finished works of Jesus Christ for your deliverance against sin, then you would be perfect and entire in righteousness wanton(lacking) in nothing. For by faith we obtain our liberties in all areas of life. Jesus said, you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free(and keep you free.

Knowing, believing and engaging the truth that Grace is the one who delivers and not by mere self effort, is the secret to manifested deliverance over sin in any area of your life. Yield to this Grace and let Him have His perfect work in you, for it is God that works in you both to will and to do of His good pleasure Phil.2:13. Trust the sustaining power of His Grace, yield to this Grace, follow after this Grace, allow this Grace work in you, work through you and work for you. Then the devil would find no place in you. For Grace would uphold you without fail.

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