Christ’s Plan Bears The Grace for Success

The way of Christ brings ease and Rest to anyone engaged in it. Thus Jesus said my yoke is easy and my burden is light Matthew 11:29, meaning His way is perfect and in it, is the Grace we need to run that Business successfully.

Many times, we struggle in business, simply because we have trusted the earthly system so much that we forget we have a God who knows the end of everything, right from the very beginning, and in whom All things consists Revelations 1:8 & Colossians 1:14-29; The one who has vowed to teach us, the right way to Profit and to lead us in the way we should go Isaiah 48:17. Meaning, in His way is graceful trading, in His way is sweatless Profiting, in His way is divine precision positioning us in the right place we ought to be per time, leading to our increases and harvests in life and business.

In neglecting His Grace Path for our life’s, we have struggled on our own to keep our businesses afloat, rather than leaning on Christ’s everlasting arms and Perfect Business ‘know-how’ to lead us in the path of triumph and success all the way.

If you’ve found yourself at this fix, simply seek the Lord for wisdom and direction, invest time with Him in His Word, get still and let Him speak to you from His Word and you’ll be shocked to discover a variety of practical Truths He will unveil to you, Proverbs 8:8-12 reveals this profound Truth about Jesus and His Grace Path to us- for He has being made wisdom unto us according to 1Corinthians 1:30, thus the book of Proverbs shouldn’t just be read as another book of the Bible, rather it should be read as Christ’s Wisdom words to us. Thus Proverbs 8:8-12  reveals Christ’s Wisdom path for us, which energizes our minds, birthing in us Godly creativities and ideas that thrives and sells in the market place; it reveals to us wisdom which has qualities and values beyond rubies, diamonds or any other precious stone, thus establishing us, Above All else. So, we see in Acts 20:32 that the Words of Christ’s Grace is Able to build us up and give us an inheritance amongst the saints.

Jesus Is Lord!

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Thanksgiving As a Sickle of Harvest

Focusing on the faithfulness of God, put our minds to rest and prepares us, for greater increases coming our way. Thanksgiving is a major sickle of harvest where kingdom prosperity is concerned, which transcends the limits of the world system and ushers us into a New world of possibilities and testimonies, where everything works by the Grace of God. Thus we see the psalmist say in Psalm 67:3-6

“Let the people praise thee oh lord let All the people praise Thee, then shall the earth yield her increase and God, Even our own God, Shall Bless us.”

So through this scripture, we see that increase is a direct fruit of the Tree of Praise. As we begin to give God thanks over the seeming little things of our lives and thankinh Him, over our businesses, we open the door to the next face of what God has in store for us, because Praise enlarges our capacity and capabilites to receive on a higher scale, the Blessing of God in our life’s.

If we Do not thank Him for His immediate blessings in our life’s we would be shutting the door to the next increase coming our way. Why? Because, Thanksgiving enlarges our coast each time we engage in it. In Giving God thanks, we consciously remain Joyful and we know it takes a joyful heart to reap the right harvest. Thanksgiving helps our Spirit, Soul and Body, stay focused on the Faithfulness of God, in His loving kindness and tender mercies towards us, thereby giving us hope, encouraging us and strengthening our faith and resolve in the certainty of God to do the Next thing we are seeking or praying about.

No wonder Joel1:12 says “the vine is dried up and the fig tree languishes; the pomegranate tree, the palm tree and the apple tree, even all the trees of the field, are withered: BECAUSE Joy is Withered away from the sons of men”. ( Notice that these peoples investments were wasted away simply because they allowed Joy dry up within them and gave place to sorrow, worry, anxiety and fears in their heart. Yet these were trees and fruits that should have being their buoyant business venture for these trees were not just for food to an average Jew but a great means of livelihood. Yet at the instance of sorrow and sadness of heart, their entire plantation and harvest were destroyed).

Now, you can see why Apostle  Paul in Phillipians 4:6 said “Be careful for Nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with Thanksgiving, let your request be made known unto God”.
   Notice Thanksgiving came right after the prayers. Meaning the Lord is saying to us, not just to be full of prayers concerning our needs, but to be full of Thanksgiving concerning them. Being thankful for Past victories He has giving us and Thanking Him in Advance for the future. Let your mind constantly take stock of the Goodness of The Lord in your life and you will be amazed, what you will find and the strength, courage and Joy that would surge forth to you, as you give Him thanks for them All.
This was the secret of King David’s Victories over and Again in battles and wars. He learnt to be thankful Always, no wonder 2/3 of the Book of Psalms was written by Him. For He understood the power of Praise and Thanksgiving in a deeper level than All of his counterparts. Thus we see Him constantly Praising the Lord, even upon his bed, calling to remembrance, All the goodness of the Lord in His life and the increases which would comes to him thereby Psalm 63:4-11.

Also we see this wonders of Praise spoken of by Prophet Habakkuk in the book Habakkuk 3:17-18 saying “Although the Fig Tree Shall Not Blossom, Neither shall Fruit be in the vines; the labor of the olive shall fail, and the flock shall be cut off from the fold and there shall be no herd in the stalls: YET I WILL REJOICE IN THE LORD, I WILL JOY IN THE GOD OF MY SALVATION.

Then Notice what comes after such sacrifice of Praise – vs. 19 “The Lord God is My Strength and He will make my feet like hinds feet and he will make me to walk upon mine high places”. Glory to Christ Jesus! So, we see that Praising and thanking the Lord for who He is to us and what He has done for us is the high way for increase even in trying times. I see that being your experience in the midst of this season as you begin to focus your attention on the Christ’s Faithfulness to you, all through this season and giving Him thanks for it, with a heart of Gratitude.

Jesus Is Lord,

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Faithfulness & Business

Faithfulness is a Fruit of the Spirit, which exalts a business man/woman unto increase, because he/she refuses to sway under pressure to worldly compromise, but stands Firm upon God’s word walking in the Truth of Christ.

Faithfulness is the Hebrew Word ‘ěmûnâh/ ‘ěmûnâh’ which means Firmness, fidelity, steadfastness and steadiness. So a Faithful man is one who can be relied upon, he is steadfast in Christ and unchanging in obeying God’s Word. He makes a good promise to His own hurt Psalm 15:4 and He refuses to sway under pressure but holds on in Faith to every word spoken by Him or spoken to Him and instructed of the Lord.

Just as Abraham was Faithful and was known for it amongst the eastern world to be a Just and faithful man (even in His business dealings) Galatians 3:9. We also are to pattern our life’s After ‘Father’ Abraham who was called of God Alone and as He obeyed- answering the call, the Lord Blessed Him and increased Him Isiah 51:2. Thus as we seek to be separate unto the Lord in all our daily choices in Business, career or finance, we set ourselves apart for an unusual flow of God’s favor in our direction.

A Faithful man, does Not have to change his Godly character under pressure, to fit the world, Rather he maintains his Stance in God’s word, bringing every circumstance to Line up with God’s word by Faith in Christ’s Truths. A Faithful Man, is Ever constant, yielding to the leading of the Holy Spirit within, who is able to bring you to your inheritances, prepared for you (by Christ Jesus) in Life. Confident and Assured in God and His words, a Faithful man obeys God’s Word Amidst All weathers, knowing that God Never Fails, thus his increase is sure, as he remains unmoveable.

Jesus Is Lord!

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Prospering God’s Way

The Prosperity of that Business is dependent on the Prosperity of your soul in accordance to God’s word. So, ow much of His word are You believing?

Prosperity is God’s plan for everyone in Christ Jesus and the word prosper is the Hebrew word ‘tsâlach tsâlêach’ which means to make progress, succeed, or to be profitable. So having issues with prosperity is simply having issues with making progress in life, either in your personal life, business, career or your finances. It also means having issues with succeeding or being profitable in any or all these areas.

Thus Jesus said, for you to turn that situation in your life, finance, business or career around, you simply need to focus on the prosperity of your soul and your life will bloom. How does your soul prosper? Your soul is your mind, which is a combination of your mind, will and emotion  & All through scriptures, the Lord reveals to us how to quickly bring about the prosperity of our soul, simply by Refusing to conform with the world’s wisdom, but allowing ourselves to be transformed by the renewing of our minds in the word of God Romans 12:2 brings about the prosperity we desire because as a man thinks in His heart, so is he Proverbs 23:7. Meaning your thoughts in accordance to God’s word determines the level of your prosperity according to Joshua 1:8- “This book of the law(God’s words of leading and instructions to you shall not depart out of your mouth but you shall meditate in it day and night that you may observe to do according to all that is written in it; then you shall have Good Success”

Jesus Is Lord!

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Profit and Divine Direction

When you delight in God’s ideas and not just your own idea for your life business and finance, then you would be allowing the Lord freely lead you in His perfect plans for you in each area. Thus your success is sure, because in His pathway is life, Success and triumph, All the Way

Many Times, we seek profitable ventures or ways we could increase our daily income and profits, not realizing that we have a God who is interested in the same thing as we, only on a higher scale than and having better ways to bring this to pass on our life’s.

So what’s the way out you may ask, well it’s simply by following His lead. Refuse to substitute the Lord’s Divine ideas, leading and instructions with your own ideas. For our plans are limited compared to the unlimited ways of God which are higher than ours and failure proof unto increase and success Isaiah 55:8-11

Jesus Is Lord!

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Ceaseless Giving Births Increase

Giving as a business lifestyle, remains a perpetual secret, for Financial Exemption from famine and drought and for increase in God’s Kingdom.
Proverbs 11:24 closely examines two individuals. The first being one, who scatters his wealth abroad to meet the needs of humanity, reaching out to the hungry and less priviledged and another who withholds more than he should (either based on his financial principles, or on the basis of economic recession) yet the first individual increased greatly in All He did, while the latter became poor, no matter what he did. No wonder the succeeding chapter says the liberal soul shall be made FAT and He who waters shall be watered also.



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Benefits of Bringing Your Tithe To Christ Jesus

Like a Jig puzzle, Tithing is a Key element in our financial life, which effortlessly fits together into one, the scattered profits we would otherwise have missed, if we kept trusting in the world system. PHOTO CREDITS- by Glow4Life

The Blessings in Tithing by Faith and in understanding to Christ Jesus, is Ever Unending and today we would be examining some of it.

1. As we Tithe, we Acknowledge His blessings in our lives, thus He said Bring the Tithe, Not Give the Tithe, because in Every increase God brings to you the Tithe is your seed of acknowledgement and Thanksgiving for God’s Blessings in your life as His increases in your life keeps multiplying because He said through your Tithe “I will open to you the windows of heaven and pour you out a Blessing, wherein you will NOT HAVE ENOUGH ROOM TO CONTAIN IT” Malachi 3:10. This we see Abraham acknowledge God’s blessing in His life, after He was Blessed by Melchisedec. Meaning His Tithe was a seed of Appreciation for God’s great Blessing in His Life. Genesis 14:18-20.

2. Through our Tithe, we sow seeds unto greater harvest because a farmer knows better, than to eat up All His Harvest in one harvest season, but saves THE BEST TO REGROW, else their would be no harvest in the next harvest season simply because he wouldn’t have the seed to sow. So Also are we seed Sowers 2Corinthians 9:8-9 in Christ’s Kingdom.

3. By His Grace, The Lord spends our Tithe on us, as He Secures our business and careers supernaturally according to Malachi 3:10-12 from the forces of darkness which brings lack, depression, recession, bankruptcy and many more forces that ravages the earthly system and businesses. So through your tithe; the things which brings others down, cannot bring you down because through your Tithe you’ve entered into a financial conenant with God for your triumph and it MUST SPEAK.

Jesus Is Lord!

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Profiting God’s Way Prt. 2

Tithing is God’s wisdom plan to exempt you from the woes coming upon the world.

4. Tithe- Tithing is one of the surest ways you get the devils hands off your finance, in the Kingdom. Earthly insurance may cushion the effect of great loss but it cannot prevent it. The Lord speaking in Malachi 3:10-12 revealed this profound Truth of His financial assurance and insurance to us when He said “Bring All the Tithe into the storehouse… And Prove Me Now with it, if I will Not Open to you the Windows of Heaven and pour you out a Blessing, that there should not be room enough to receive it(meaning God wants you to experience His blessings beyond measure, through your Tithing). The Next verse is where the surprise lies, as the Lord went on to say- “And I will rebuke the devourer for your sakes, and he shall not destroy the fruits of your ground; neither shall your vine cast her fruit before the time in the field says the Lord”.

So through your Tithe, the devourer(Who is the devil, who comes only to steal, kill and to destroy John 10:10). is rebuked from All that is yours, especially the things you tithe upon because bringing your Tithe to the Lord, gives God His place and Space in that business, to fight for you and give you the Victory, just as He said in His Word.
   Do Note that your Business Tithe is separate from your personal Tithe. Your personal Tithe, Tithes on your personal income, while your business Tithe is your corporate Tithe which is the Tithe on your Business Gross income.

Why do you Tithe on Everything? You do so because it secures the Blessing on Everything you have and own, Keeping it safe and protected from the devourer. You cant have sustained increases, if things keeps breaking down everyday, in your career and business, because if caution is Not Taken, that business will soon be recording losses than profits.

Abraham gave a Corporate Tithe in Genesis 14:20 and it was a Gross Tithe of His company- it was the Tithe of All they had gotten from their expedition against the enemies who raided Sodom and Gomorrah (and Lot inclusive) and from then on greater things began happening to Abraham, in experiencing the fullness of what God had purposed for Him to have. If Abraham had to walk this path we also as children of Abraham must learn to follow this path of wisdom in righteousness. For we are to follow the patriarchs of Faith in righteousness, following after their good examples and not their bad Isaiah 51:1-3. Tithing in this end time is God’s mystery of increase for the body of Christ, because as we sow into His work on the earth by bringing in our Tithe, we:

Are You yet to Receive Christ Today, Simply Pray This:
“Jesus I come to you today, believing you are the Lord who came to this world for my sins, died & on the third day you rose again. I receive forgiveness of my sins & cleansing from All unrighteousness. I receive you as Lord of my Life. Receiving the abundance of your Grace & Wisdom by your Blood, as I offer My Life & dreams to you today, use it All for your glory; Amen.”

Congratulations on your New Birth in Christ Jesus, Simply download a Bible from any App Store on your mobile device if you don’t have one and begin to Learn at the feet of Jesus Christ; how to live this life triumphantly, through Faith.

Jesus Is Lord!

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Profiting God’s Way Prt. 1

‘El-shaddai’ is the Hebrew meaning of the word ‘Almighty’ which reveals God to us, As The All Powerful & ALL SUFFICIENT GOD- Supplying All Our Needs and Teaching us to Profit, Supernaturally.


Many people struggle through life & finances because they haven’t learnt how to live & prosper God’s way. They have embraced the worlds system & that system is failing them woefully. Romans 12:2. So the way forward would be to unlearn the world’s way, simply by Trusting, focusing on, learning & walking in the Light of God’s way through Scriptures.

Take one issue of concern at a time & invest time with God it through Scriptures. For instance if you have issues with debt. Then run a search (which is now easy with Bible study app which has a search function) so, run a search on ‘debt, borrow, lend’ and find out what God has to say concerning it and His wisdom in It. Once done move on to search on ‘supply, need, wealth, money, satisfy’, to see what God’s plans are to satisfy you & meet your need outside of the world’s system. Once you have discovered God’s Gracious Promises to you through scriptures, then:


2. Believe what you’ve discovered through your search in the Word of God, speaking only the Truth you’ve discovered and not reiterating the negative state of things around you, because with your words, you are Justified and by your words, you are condemned Matthew 12:37. Why is that? Because Life and death is in the power of the tongue and you will eat the fruit of it Proverbs 18:21.

The word ‘Death’ in this sctipture is not limited to ceasing of flesh and blood existence but covers the cessation of goodly life for anything which otherwise should thrive. It has to do with destruction and cessation of goodly life. So, use your words of Faith in Gods Word, repeating What the Lord has said concerning you in your Everyday conversations and you will begin to see a new world being created for you by Your Faith Words- which agrees with God’s word for you just as we see it in Joshua 1:8 Leading to your Success God’s way, because as you speak words of Faith from a believing heart then the creative power of God would be set loosed on your behalf unto increase, Just as He said to Joshua.

3. Follow His Lead, in obedience To His Word- King David, coming to the Revelation of who God had become to Him as A Faithful Shepherd in Psalm 23:1-4 said, “the Lord is my Shepherd, I Shall Not Want… He leads Me besides the still Waters… He Leads me in the path of righteousness for His Name Sake. This is a Great Revelation to us today also that as we know and dicover God as our Shepherd, we would Never be led Astray.

The book of Proverbs is Filled with Wisdom and direction for your finance, business and career and if you will get in it, with a heart ready to learn, the Lord would teach you through these Scriptures how to stay afloat, thrive and succeed in these trying times of the world. You will be exempted from the evils coming upon many but first it requires you allowing Lord to be your shepherd, guiding you, teaching you and instructing you, every step of the way through life. Then just like David in Psalm 144:1-2, you will be able to say “Blessed be The Lord my Strength, which Teaches my Hands to war and my Fingers to Fight: My Goodness and My Fortress; My High tower and my deliverer; My Shield and He in whom Trust; who subdues peoples under me”.

Jesus Is Lord!

To Be Continued.

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A Business Dimension

Courage comes from time spent with Christ Jesus, in His Word.

In a World of recession, plagues and depression, one sure way to stay afloat and Reign in Life is to abide in Christ. Abiding in His Arms of Safety and Confidence in His Faithfulness towards you by Taking up His words and placing it before your eyes and in your mouth, meditating on it constantly until the word of The Lord becomes a sure revelation to you Joshua 1:8 and then you’ll begin to see yourself thriving and prospering in hard times. This was Exactly what the Lord was saying to Joshua when He said to Him, I want you to make sure this book does not depart out of your mouth, But meditate on it day and night, so that you can observe to do All that is written therein; then You Shalt make your way prosperous and You Shall have good success. Joshua 1:8.

As you engage with this, courage will be built within you to take bold and daring steps, as the Lord directs you; in your life, career, business and finances. This is usually the beginning of something New in a person’s life and endeavours because when you set yourself in agreement with God’s word to believe it, think it and walk in the light of it, victory, success, promotion and prosperity is sure because you are ordained to prosper as your soul prospers 3John 2 and your soul prospers by Faith in the Word of God Romans 12:2 & Psalm 119:130


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