​The Fall of King Saul

By the singular error of impatience, Saul lost his place as king over Israel and lost the kingdom also as non of his seed could reign over Israel after him 1Sam.13:13-14. Unfortunately for Saul he goofed yet once again(this time, much greater than the former). In choosing to spare a few living things  and the king of Amalek, when the Lord instructed through Samuel that all things must be utterly destroyed by Saul, King Ssuk most his place in the leadership if Israel . Yet again, Saul rationalized Gods instruction and relied on his power, Zeal and kingship rather than on God’s Grace and sure word of prophecy 1Sam.15. You see God is big enough to provide whatsoever we need or whatsoever He needs without our help, but pride says, “though God has spoken but what I also want to do is honourable unto the Lord” forgetting that it is always about God and not about us. We are put in this earth for His glory not for ours, so He is able to take care of things without us. All He ever asks us is our partnership with him through our faith, trust and reliance upon him unto full obedience and not partial obedience like Saul did. For to obey is better than sacrifice and to hearken than the fat of rams 1Sam.25:22. 

You see, the society we are in today exalts self effort rather than Gods Grace. It wants to count how many things you could achieve for yourself and by yourself. God says “by this time next year you would have your own well established business; so all i need you to do is to wait for me”, but people say “No, the lord is delaying i must work things out myself and try to make things work for me”. Many of us always think that the end justifies the means but with God it is different He wants to be your sole provider source and Lord and nothing else. To God the process is more important than the end result because the process builds character into you, James1:3-4 & 2Pet.1:5-8. When something else begins to come between us and His word of direction, we become farther from His Grace because he resists the proud but gives Grace to the humble ( the one who will follow him blindly even at expense of self, whether it makes sense or not).

As seen earlier, pride always carries along with it impatience, but pride would also lead to the sin of rebellion, stubborness and fear of people rather than God which makes such a person rejected of God 1Sam.15:23-24 & James4:6. Unfortunately, Saul never repented nor recovered from the sin of pride, rather he completely drowned in it unto his destruction 1Sam.15:24-35 & 1Sam.16, 18-31. Therefore just one question is left to be asked which is ‘would you rather drown in pride, protecting your self image or are you now willing to risk all, following Jesus Christ and maximising God’s Grace over you?

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​The Error of King Saul Cont’d.

Saul was chosen by Grace but in 1Sam.13, the sin of pride set into without him realizing it. He began to carry the care of not having the necessary kingly control over the people of Israel, because it was not until 1Sam.11, the whole of Israel agreed to have him anointed as king with one voice. Thus when pressure came in chapter 13, he wavered and made a huge error. You see that is the major purpose of pressure. It comes to test you, enquiring to know ‘who truly is in the center of your life? Is it you, ambition, money or God?’ If God truly is your center and Lord in all things , you would be quick to say like David did “lead me to the rock that is higher than I” Psalm 61:2 and we know the Rock is Jesus Christ. For in him we live, move & have our being Act 17:28. Unto Him,  should we put our absolute trust, not by reason of law but by reason of us increasing in Grace and maximising the grace of God in our life’s John 1:16.

The situation with Saul was terrible as he needed to quickly go to war against the Philistines who came against Israel with sophisticated weapons of war at that time and just like it was for David (when his homestead and that of all his followers were looted both of their families and properties completely) and the people were scattered from him as they spoke of stoning him 1Sam.30:6. So it was with Saul that the people were scattered from him also, (only they did not speak of stoning him), so when Samuel the prophet delayed in coming to deliver the word of the Lord to the people so Saul offered the peace offering and burnt offering to the Lord (a thing that was an abomination for a king to do for only a priest could offer such). 

This is a sharp contrast to Davids response to his own pressure in which he encouraged himself in the Lord and sought God’s face for direction in what to do next concerning the situation. Here we see that David looking to God for help but Saul looking to himself, his ability and kingship for his deliverance. Therefore, exalting himself above God unknowingly 1Sam. 13:11-14. The message translation says something interesting of vs.12 in that Saul said “when you (Samuel) delayed in coming…I took things into my own hands and offered the burnt offering ”. 

You see pride is always impatient with God because it thinks ‘I can do better and faster than he’. No wonder scriptures says be follower of them who through  Faith and Patience obtained the promise. The two combinations are power twins. Thus one cannot go nor succeed without the other!

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​The Different Faces of Pride Cont’d.

4. Pride seeks to Carry Cares with Weak Hands- that is handling the issues of life independent of God. The  “i got this” syndrome has eaten deep into the fabric of the worlds societies, because men want to be identified and known for the things they are able to achieve for themselves forgetting that Jesus did not die to sustain our pride but to destroy it so that we can live through Him. Jesus did it all , so that man could be a recipient of Gods Grace, but when man chooses to bask in self glory, then the purpose for which Christ Jesus died is forfeited Prov.29:23 & Rom.3:24-27.

Their is something about man and the proud desire to be His all in all. People seek to fight their battles alone in their own strength and efforts, rather than seek God through Jesus Christ. Everything is going wrong in the world today, because people refuse to humble themselves under the mighty hand of God, to seek God’s help, wisdom and solutions to all the bugging issues of life. Thus by turning to self, they perish for lack of grace, Amos 4&5 for pride goes before destruction Prov.16:18. 

5. Pride refuses to acknowledge authority and we know pride goes before a fall, because this usually becomes the climax of things where pride sees himself/herself as the all in all, which eventually leads to a mighty fall just like the devil himself who was cast out of heaven because of the sin of pride Isaiah14:12-19. If people can understand that the sin of pride is as strong as the sin of treachery and treason, they would learn to always give God the center and first place in their life’s. This is so because, pride has to do with refusing to acknowledge the authority and power of a superior which always leads to you doing or trying to do things which belongs to the jurisdiction of that superior.

According to Wiktionary, ‘Treachery’ is the Deliberate, often calculated, disregard for trust or faith.
The act of violating the confidence of another, usually for personal gain. Also ‘Treason’ is the crime of betraying one’s own country and providing aid and comfort to the enemy. The truth is when you seek self glory, self survival and  self preservation you get in the flesh and betray the faithfulness of God to you. Thus without you knowing it, you empower the devil to do his evil work in your life and ministry 1Tim.3:5-6.

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​The Different Faces of Pride

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1. Pride Carries the Care of its life, vision, task and ministry. It always asks “what can I do and how can I get out of this mess”. It looks to itself for solution, not being accustomed to looking up to Jesus. It focuses on self for solutions and answers to bugging challenges of life James 4:6-8 & 1Pet.5:6-7, forgetting that trusting in the arm of flesh brings defeat Jer.17:5-6.

2. Pride is Self Centered- the major syndrome of this is  “me myself and I”. We see it play out in Saul as he offered a burnt sacrifice to God instead of Samuel, for fear that the people were already leaving him and not following after him as King 1Sam.13:10-12 and 1Sam.15:24. In both cases, Saul feared the people, his image was the focus rather than God and for that he lost the throne and kingdom 1Sam.13:13-14 &15:23-28. The rich fool fell into the same trap of focusing solely on himself rather than God and his end was death Luke 12:16-21.

3. Pride Seeks After Vain Glory of itself first rather than God. The deception of pride, makes man seek after self glory just like Saul and the rich fool. Even in the midst of his error, Saul was seeking honour rather than restitution and self glory rather than to know how to get back in the Grace of God 1Sam 15:30. We are prone to this many times, always wanting to preserve our image no mater what, rather than allowing our image die so that God’s image can shine forth in & through us. Isn’t that why God said let us make man in our own image after our likeness ? it was for His image to shine through us and reflect on the earth, the fullness of His glory, not our glory and His name not our name. For it is in Him we live move and have our being.

So it is wisdom, to Give up self today, in other to reap His identity, give up your impeccable identity and you would reap divinity. Whatsoever He tells you to do, do it. For this is what Jesus meant when He said whosoever shall find his life would first loose it. Not unto physical death but in terms of self glory, pride and ego.

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​The  Error of King Saul 

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Saul was a man chosen by Grace, who failed to realize He was marvellously helped of the Lord, thus he stumbled at the stumbling stone 1Pet.2:7-8. Saul carried the care for his life and ministry as a king over Israel and this, brought him to total destruction, such that he never recovered from his doom 1Sam.9-31.

We are introduced to Saul when he was just a young man hunting for his father’s lost his asses in 1Sam.9. Unable to find it, he met with Samuel, a great prophet of God at the time who anointed him King over Israel according to the word of the Lord 1 Sam. 10. It is interesting to note that nothing exceptional was said about the character of Saul, except that he was good looking with a much broader figure, maybe with six packs to compliment it, as he seemed to be the giant of Israel (because he was the tallest amongst all people)1Sam.9:2.

Therefore we see an election of Grace in the ordination of Saul, for we know God is not carried away by our looks or physical capabilities but our heart. Our heart position is what links with God’s Grace to changes our story. So Saul became the chosen king of Isreal and he did great till pride set in and consumed him 1Sam.13.

 You see, Pride is subtle and it comes in different shades, but one thing constant with it, is ‘self preservation’, seeking to proffer solutions through self rather than through Christ Jesus. Pride always seeks to handle matters by itself, for itself, because of itself without God. Pride never seeks to ask “Lord, what would you have me do?”. Rather, ‘Pride’ is an independent goal getter, always seeking to achieve its goals outside of God but it is interesting to note that, this is one things that repels God and His Grace to us. For God resists the proud, but gives Grace to the humble James 4:6 & 1Pet.5:5.

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​Glitches in Fulfilling vision by the Arm of the flesh Prt.2

2. Frustration and Stagnation- Every vision has a given path to be followed unto the designated destination appointed for it by God. Not only does God have a vision, He has a plan on how He wants the vision executed, He has the purpose for which He wants the vision executed and  He has a given pattern of pursuit and strategy, for the execution of His plan.
Many times when people hear about God’s Vision, plan, purpose and pursuit for man they are disinterested, because they think it means they have to become a puppet before God; but this does not make you a puppet rather it makes you have more control over all of your life’s circumstances through Christ Jesus and His Holy Spirit leading and guiding you into all truths John16:13.

Scriptures reveals that there is a way that seems right unto a man but the end thereof are the ways of death Prov.14:12 &16:25. When a man is guided by the Lord He can never miss it in life because He is our Lord that teaches us to profit and leads us in the way that we should go Isaiah 48:17. Scripture also revealed that as many looked unto Him (Jesus Christ) were lightened(meaning illuminated) and their faces were NOT ashamed. Stagnation and frustration is far away from a man led, guided and helped of the Lord. I don’t know about you, but if I had a central guide who could show me the way to live life perfectly and hitch free without having a visit to the hospital, nor having any financial crisis nor fights between family and friends, I won’t blink an eye to follow him. You see, being led of the Lord does not weaken your mind, rather it sharpens it because the spirit of God breaths upon your mind when He speaks to you Ezekiel 2:2 and when He does He sharpens the capacity of your mind, for exploits and conquest. A feeble minded Gideon became strengthened in His mind when the Lord spoke to Him over and again, giving him divine strategies of war and conquest, against the Midianites  Judges 6:14-16, 25-34, 7:1-25.

Gideon’s story is a classic piece, of what God can do with any man willing to be led, guided and helped by Him. A chicken hearted Gideon became a mighty man of war suddenly, all by the help, leading, and guidance of the Lord. James 4:6 and 1Peter5:5 reveals that God resists the proud but gives(releases) Grace to the humble. One way to be positioned against Grace is to carry the care concerning a God given vision and become law driven in your self effort to accomplish it Gal 5:4 rather than resting in Jesus Christ to help you and empower you, like He did for Gideon. In 1Pet.5:6-7, Peter  reveals greater truths concerning this, when by the Spirit he said, “Humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time; casting all your care upon Him for He cares for you affectionately”. Therefore, when a person resists the leading of the lord in any area of life and living, He limits the Grace of God being manifest towards Him or her for by flesh shall no man prevail. Thus Rather than being helped of the Lord He becomes resisted because pride goes before destruction Prov.16:18. Cast the care of that vision or ministry today, let the Lord help you with it, for when you are well submitted to God in all things especially concerning your life’s vision then you would be able to resit the devil because great grace is being poured out in the place of humility.

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​Glitches in Fulfilling vision in the Arm of flesh

There are certain challenges encountered when a person chooses to run a vision in the energy of the flesh; 

1. Weariness and becoming burnt out becomes the staple of the flesh- Labouring in the flesh brings tiredness and weakness. Motivation fades out and grace is found wanting when a person relies heavily on His own ability to make things happen for His/Herself Gal.5:4. 

Peter and his crew had fished all night but caught nothing Luke 5:5. He had used His expertise as a fisherman with his long standing knowledge( by experience) in fishery to decipher the proper timing of the ocean for a good catch. But all of his experience, knowledge and effort failed him (just like it does for many people today) so they caught nothing . Notice what Peter said to Jesus, at His offer of Grace to Peter. He said “We have Toiled all night and have taken nothing ”. 

Peter had given up and thrown in the towel, but thank God for the words of Grace Jesus spoke to him   that turned him around to obey Grace in the person of Jesus Christ.

 When Jesus came along, giving them a simple instruction , it sounded stupid because they were already beat for the day, but as Jesus spoke, they dared to follow his instructions reluctantly after which was the great boom Luke 5:6-8. If Peter had insisted on his own effort, he would never have experienced the miracle of multiplication and abundance. Self effort wearies a person unto weakness and frustration but relying on Grace assures  the fulfilment of every God given vision, gallantly with supernatural strength in grand style. Paul speaking in 1Cor.15:10 says I am what I am by the Grace of God. He went further to say though I laboured more abundantly than others; it was actually Grace which was with me doing the works. Without Grace you cant fulfil destiny and without Grace, you can’t meet up with the demands of destiny.

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