About Us


My name is Ola Akin, the Chief Editor for Glow4Life. I’m a Christian whose heart panting’s are to see others bloom in God’s blessings according to His Word and Loving kindness.

Walking in the Grace of Jesus-Christ for the past 15 years, there are truths that I have being privileged to learn, see, experience and handle; an abundance from which i desire to share a spectrum.

It is from this innate desire, Glow4life was birthed, as an arm of ministry which the Lord blessed us with, to Minister ‘Healing to the Nations… and to Raise up Kingdom Absolutes, According to the Word Of Grace in Christ Jesus’. I might have no idea from what nation of the world you are viewing this from or the circumstances surrounding your life at the moment, but this one thing I do Know;  that your encounter  with Christ Jesus, throughout the subsequent pages of this site would be ‘Significantly Profound’, causing a positive transformation in your life forevermore in Jesus Name.


Glory Love World  Ministries was birthed, November 2nd, 2007 with succeeding opportunities to minister to lives; both of the hungry and the needy in various spheres. On the 29th of August, 2014, the Lord graciously launched us into our online ministry, which was graciously christened Glow4Life. Subsequently, Ministering to the diverse emotional, social and spiritual needs of people all around the world, using the timeless weapon of the World Wide Web, has remained our eternal delight.


Thus if you desire variegated enlightenment and excitements in life or as a christian you are simply at a cross road in life, seeking answers and needing a hand to help you up and a voice to guide you on; then, I’m pleased to inform you that you are right on time at the right place. If you are also here on a refreshing tour, you are also welcome, because as your host, your welfare is our utmost concern in our content package, to present Gods word and will to you simply, plainly and gracefully, without compromise or deceit.

It is our utmost pleasure at Glow4Life to serve you and minister to your needs, because our excitement stems from nothing greater, than the opportunity to serve humanity for Christ’s sake; in whatever capacity, as a call to ministry. Therefore feel free to surf through all our pages, posts, galleries and resources, to your heart’s satisfaction, and while you are at it, you are also welcome to be a member, following us as we progress. This is suggested  because you can stay charged and updated on recent posts, information, happenings in and from Glow4Life at all times. Ones again, your are Welcome!

Jesus Is Lord!

Your’s Faithfully,

Glow Ministries intl.