A Call to Prayer

A prayerless generation is a defeated generation. God spoke that if my people who are called by my would humble themselves and pray, I would hear and I would heal their land 2Chronicles7:14. Men ought always to pray and not to faint Luke18:1. Glow4life is dedicated to the ministry of prayers for true change. You are most welcome to join our move unto the next level on the wings of prayers.
Here are free articles and prayer points that you can okay and would bless you tremendously:

Prayer 1-

As believers- we need to pray for our respective nations. The Lord said in 2Chronicles7:14, that if His people who are called by His name, would humble themselves before him and pray, seeking his face, and turn from their wickedness He would hear and forgive our sin and heal our land.

Terrorism is now on an increase and the only solution for the world as a whole is in God. our prayer is not based on torment nor fear because Jesus has defeated Satan in this area, but we must stand and take authority over him and see the victory that God would wrought for us.

prayer- Father, i declare a stop to the spirit of infirmities in my nation (mention the name of your nation) today, I command you satan to stop in your maneuvers against Christ and my nation and I declare peace and healing all through my land (mention the name of your country and state, where you live) in the name of Jesus according to Isaiah 53:1-3 & Matt. 16:19 in Jesus Name.

Glory to God, I believe with you that it is done in Jesus Name, Amen.