New Goals, New Dreams, New Visions- Optimizing The New Normal Prt. 8

It is Time to Receive New Feathers like the eagle in Waiting, getting Ready to take on New Horizons in New Strength and Zest by Christ Jesus.

So, you’ve invested your time in the presence of the Lord, You’ve Prayed, You’ve Studied The Word, Rested in It and Evaluated yourself in the Light Of God’s Word. Now it’s Time to Receive New Visions from the Lord for your Life.

Don’t think All of these which happened in the world, took place, just so you could rest a while and revert to your old lifestyle and patterns, which wasn’t bringing you much profits hitherto. Not All. Rather this season is Ushering you and Every believer (who would sit still with an open heart before the Lord to Receive of Him, New Concepts and ideas) into a New World of Exploits, Blessings, increase, Favour, Abundance and Most Importantly Visions.

For where there is no vision, the people perish: Proverbs 29:18. This means therefore that those who would be experiencing hardship in this time are those who are oblivious to what the Spirit of God Is revealing in this time. It is time for us to receive New Visions from the Lord, for God would be pouring out, New Ideas, Concepts, Directions, Visions, Revelations and strategies to every listening believer. Both on personal matters, financial matters, business/Career matters and Global Matters. We see this in Joel 2:28. “For the Lord Shall pour out His Spirit upon All Flesh, Your Sons and daughters shall Prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams and your young men shall see vision.”

So the Lord would be pouring this out to All those who are willing and open to receive this Free Gift of Revelation. Therefore, are you ready to Receive, this Free Gift of the Lord in the Midst of This Season, by positioning yourself to receive from the Lord Habakkuk 2:1?

Then simply do this:

1. Daily Grab your Bible, Pen and Notebook or Writing Pad as you spend time in God’s Presence Daily- This is for writing the Vision down, making it plain in writing so that it is Always before you and ready to refereed to, to spur your passion and guide your decision at all times Habbakkuk 2:2. The Bible serves as your cross reference to the things the Lord would be giving you a) to boost your Faith in the things God would be telling you, showing you and instructing you to do, which mostly are things beyond your imaginations Isaiah 55:10. So in seeing them in scriptures, Faith is boosted to Believe and receive what God is saying and to obey in walking the Path God wants you to take in Actualising this dream/ vision.

2. Ask Questions of Inquiries – Jesus Speaking in Luke 11:1 Said, Ask and It Shall Be given unto you, Seek and you will Find, Knock and the door shall be opened unto you Meaning ask me of things to come and of things you know Not of and I will Answer you Isaiah 45:11. This was a Blank Cheque presented to Us by Jesus Christ Himself and it continues to be open unto whosoever is Interested.

3. Be Open to Receive and Obey the Word Revealed to you, trusting that Faithful is He Who has instructed you and is leading you, who Also is More than able to perform His Word in your life because He HASTENS After His Word to Perform it Psalm 119:105.

4. Rest in the reality of the Word and Refuse to be Moved by the lies of the devil and the world inclusive. For then you will see Every God Given Vision come to life like Never Before. As you Rest in the assurance of God’s Word and refuse to be Moved by it Hebrews 4.

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