Faith Is A Rest

If you are not at Rest, concerning that thing you say you are believing God For, then you are not in Faith. For they that believe do enter into Rest and cease from All their works Hebrews 4:10. The Amplifies version says “For he who has once entered [God’s] rest also has ceased from [the weariness and pain] of human labors, just as God rested from those labors peculiarly His own.”

Meaning Believing God in truth and deed equals us ceasing from fleshy labour’s. Indeed believing God and His word indicates that you place His word as 1st place in your life and make it priority over the lies of the devil or this life. It means to resist every form of temptation seeking to jolt you out of what you have received of the father. But Abiding in the eternal rest of Christ Jesus your spirit soul and body is only apt to do whatsoever the father instructs through the Son via His Spirit in us. Thus He says when you believe, you cease from your OWN LABOUR.

This Means you don’t claim to believe God and then seek your own; rather you believe Him by drilling in into His word, rest your mind in it, seeing it as the highest truth in the three realms of both the heaven earth and underneath the earth and as you do so you begin to obey the leading of the Holy Spirit to you because from then on the Spirit of the Lord would begin to speak to you, because of His word in you, leading you, guiding you, and protecting you and as you keep leaning on Christ Jesus, then your success is sure to manifest according to Joshua 1:8. For Rest is paramointly about listening to the Word, believing it, doing it and trusting that it is enough for you and it will do whatsoever He said.
   Do note that the way that seems right to a man always ends in death but the way of the Lord Always leads to life everlasting. Choose life today, choose God today, choose Rest Today and your life would mirror, the VERY Life of Christ.
Jesus Is Lord!

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