When Goals Meet Grace

“Its Not by Might, Its Not by Power” is a Popular scripture being quoted by All; but the practicality of it is farthest in the lives of many because of the pulsating pressure in Every society. Driven by goals, ambitions and passion, the world is in an ever circling feat called the ‘rat race’ because it tries to get done for itself things that have being preordained by God to be done only Through Him and by Him. So unyielding people just find themselves rigmarolling on the same spot without much progress to show for their struggle filled efforts in life.

Apostle Paul by the wisdom of God said, “I can do All things through Christ which strengthens me” Phillipians 4:13 and Jesus said in John 15:5 “I Am the Vine, you are the branches… without me you can do NOTHING”. What are these two scriptures pointing at?? That without the help of the Lord all your efforts to achieve a given goal would be in futility because it is God who ought to work in us, both to will and to do of His great pleasure. When this becomes the order of the day in our every lives, fulfilment and breakthroughs would be the order of the day in your lives, because it would be the hand of the Lord inspiring you, directing you, guiding you, leading you away from danger and keeping you from falling into the realization of your goodly dreams and vison.

Thus, with that established, we realize that it is not enough to just have a goal without the Grace of God to help you fulfil it. But there is need to embrace the Grace of God which supplies His help and Divine favour in our lives just as it was with Cyrus the King in Isaiah 45 who was tremendously helped of the Lord unto the fulfilment of Gods Plan and agenda through Him Isaiah 45:1-3. We also see the servants at the wedding in Cana John 2:1-9 desiring more wine, but instead of using their natueral intellect (which was limited), they turned to Jesus and yielded to Him, doing Only what He instructed of them to do and immediately the unusual happened, which became the turning of water into wine so that the Love feast for the wedding could go on. This symbolises our lives today, that when we let Jesus into our lives and allow Him direct our paths, our lifes wine will never run out and our Joys and celebrations will Never run dry; why? Because Grace is embraced and welcome in our Lives.

Therefore, table All your goals and desires for this year before the Lord and Let Him be your Lord over it. Let Him guide you and correct you, let Him lead you and instruct you, tune of the side of you that is critically analytical in your approach with God. Rather tune in to His Grace and simply follow His leads without fear nor anxiety (being in the Spirit Always) and your life would never remain the same because Grace Himself would overshadow you unto exploits, helping you and causing you to triumph victoriously. At this instance of yielding to Jesus Christ, He takes over your affairs completely and makes everything work in your favour Psalm 37:5.

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