Grace For Absolute Living

Extremism in the world today is frowned at because it births myopia and eventually fanatism in people and societies. But in the Kingdom of God, we find that our Lord is Extremely Good, Extremely kind, Extremely blessed, Extremely gracious, Extremely Just, Extremely faithful, Extremely wonderful, Extremely marvellous, and on and on the list goes on, because you can Never search the end of His Greatness and in All circumstances, He is the Extremely Great God.

Talk about the God, in whose city, streets are made of gold, abounding in precious stones without number of gems both known and unknown to us. A God who is a blazing fire from His loins up and a blazing fire from His loins down Ezekiel 1:27& 8:2, who rides upon the clouds in Glory Isaiah 19:1.The God who speaks and Everything hears, whose voice breaks the cedars, even the cedars of Lebanon Psalm 29, who sits upon the flood & divides them hither and thither at will. The one who is Love Himself 1John4:16, the Father of Light, in whom their is no variableness, nor shadow of turning James 1:17, whose judgement is ALWAYS Right Psalm 19:9 Revelations16:7, for righteousness and judgement are the habitation of His Throne Psalm 97:2; mercy and Truth are ever before Him. He Alone is the one true God over heaven and Earth Genesis1:1 and the only True One we as believers worship ; The Almighty Eternal God, Elohim, Jehovah Elyon.

Now having such an Extreme God in a positive light, we find ourselves pondering from time to time if we can ever meet up to His level or standards? but I have good news for you today, saying boldly, “Yes you can”. You can meet up with God’s standards and level if you are in Christ Jesus because Christ has already purchased your perfection by His blood;
Hebrews 10:5,9-10&14:

“When He(Christ Jesus) came into the world, He said, Sacrifice & offering you would not, but a body have you prepared me:
Then said He, Lo, I come to do your will, O God. He took away away the first law that he may establish the second.
By the which will, we are sanctified through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ once for all.
For by one offering He (Christ Jesus) has perfected forever, them that are sanctified.”

Therefore through Jesus Christ we see that we have being made perfect in Christ unto righteousness (that is right standing) and justification (that is (acceptability) before God as seen in Hebrews 7:19 “The old law made nothing perfect, but the bringing in of a better hope did; through which we draw near to God”. So that from our position of perfection in Christ we can live unto holiness and perfection in life just like God 1Peter 1:13-25, because we are not born again in Christ Jesus of corruptible seed but of incorruptible seed, by the word of God which lives and abides true forever more. So in you right now is the seed of perfection to be exactly as God is for this is the New DNA we got in Christ when we surrendered our lives to Him and received Him into our lives. Therefore as we All know, that the child of a goat is a goat and the child of dog is and acts like as a dog, so also the Child of God must be, live and manifest as God because as He is so are we in this world 1John4:17, why? because His DNA of divinity is Already in us at Newbirth Romans 8:11, John10:34.

Are you yet to receive this Jesus, make today your date with Him by saying “Jesus Christ I come to you believing that you are the son of God. You came to this world, died & rose on the third day for me. I believe you are my salvation and redemption from sin, the devil and the curse. I receive the forgiveness of my sins in your Name, Jesus Christ. By Jesus Blood I am eternally free from the hold of sin and death & I receive my cleansing from All unrighteousness. I offer my life to you today, use it for your glory. Thank you Lord for saving me, Amen.
Congratulations, if you prayed that prayer right now you are now a born again child of God. Get a Bible from Any App Store & begin learning about God’s Love for you & how to live as the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. Amen!

Jesus Is Lord!

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