The Life of Faith through Grace Prt.2

There is an abundance that God has prepared for you, which eyes has not seen nor ears heard and neither has it entered into the heart of any man what it is Isaiah 64:4 but it is to be received by Faith; believing in Jesus has already made it available to you, resting in it and advancing therein is therefore the right way to go. But to doubt and to mock this move of Gods Grace in your life is to disqualify yourself by your unbelieve, because whatsoever Jesus has made available freely must Never be dispised on the precipice of the Law Isaiah 28:16-22. For whatever Grace makes available, Faith must stretch forth to receive it by believing it, speaking it and yeilding to God to do and rest in whatsoever He says do. A study on Hebrews 4 would help you understand how Faith and Grace operates because God intended that everything we are to receive in this kingdom should be by Faith, so that it might be Grace to the end that the promise might be made sure unto us Romans 4:16 just as it was for Abraham, whose inheritance was made sure and manifest to Him, Not by the Law but by the Promise Which God gave Him Galatians 3:18. Thus we are heirs according to the promise and in like manner, we are not to waver at the promises of God through unbelive but must stand strong in Faith(Resting in Christ Finished works for us on the cross) giving Glory to God and our inheritance is Absolutely sure to come Gal.3:29 & Romans 4:16&20.

It is note worthy therefore that even when the chosen ones refused the Grace Offer (in their foolish concensus together), the great king was Not limited rather He threw the offer open to All and sundry to come and freely feast Luke 14:16 (See the Life of Faith through grace Prt.1). You see, God can never be limited by mans unbeleive, rather He’ll simply move on to others who will believe His Grace and heed the call of His Grace because it is a gift Already paid for by Jesus Christ His beloved Son, thus making it a gift that must NOT go to waste. For the scripture in Isaiah 28:16 was the same spoken of by the Holy Spirit through Paul in Romans 9:30-33:
     “But what shall we say then? That Gentiles, who did not purseue righteousness have attained to righteousness, even the righteousness of Faith;
      But Israel pursueing the Law of Righteousness, has Not attained to the Law of righteousness. Why? BECAUSE THEY DID NOT SEEK IT BY FAITH,
      BUT AS IT WERE BY  THE WORKS OF THE LAW. For they stumbled at that stumbling stone. As It is written:
               “Behold, I Lay in Zion a stumbling stone and rock of offence, and whoever believes on Him will not be put to shame”.
                                                                                                                                                                              Romans 9:30-33 (KJV)

So  the 1st chosen who were to believe and receive of His Grace 1st, according to the parable of Luke 14:16, was the Jews but by reason of their  unbelieve  and rigidity to the law as seen in Romans 9:30-33 & 1Peter2:6-10, they became subtituted by non Jews in Gods banquet room of Grace and these non-Jews is you and I(though our Faith in Christ Jesus, the Lord would engraft them again to Himself in full according to the gospel of Grace, to show forth His abundant wisdoms, and mysteries of His Grace to All who will believe Romans 11).

So what would your answer be today, to His call of abundant free gift of Grace to you?

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