The Life of Faith Through Grace

Whatever Christ has made available to us, can only be received through Faith. Just as Faith and Patience is the power twin of obtaining good things from the Lord, so also is Faith and Grace the assurance of hope we Have in Christ 2 Thess.2:16 & Heb.3:6. For Grace can only deliver to you what you see and beleive is available to you in Christ Jesus and Faith can only receive whatsoever has Already being freely made available to you in Christ Jesus by His Grace Romans8:32. Remember the parable of the great supper in Luke 14:16-24, where a certain man made a great supper and bade many to come and freely eat because All things are freely ready” . Notice that He called them to come and Freely eat of what has ALREADY being prepared (without money and without price) according to Isaiah 55:1. We know that in this parable, the certain man spoken of was referring to the Lord, calling freely to those He had predestined to be partakers of this supper (according to Romans 8:29-30 and we know that God has predestined us All to be partakers of the sacrifice of Christ at the Cross,  according to His abundant mercy towards mankind as seen in Romams 9:22-26.).

Thus, we see that God has Already made everything that we need in Life ready (in Christ Jesus) even the things that pertains unto life and godliness 2Pet.1:3 because He is a good God and His mercies enduress forever and His compassions fails Not towards us. Thus His disposition towards us is to freely give us All things, through Christ Jesus. So we see that anything freely made available to us through Our Lord Jesus Christ is the Grace of God to us Romans 11:6, Romans4:1-4 &Romans 5.  Yet it is saddening to note that the people to whom He made this great feast didn’t plan to receive His Grace, rather they unanimously voted to reject (1Peter 2:7) the Kings offer by making excuses unto this benevolent King Luke 14:18.  They couldn’t wrap their heads around the free gift of God and chose to reject it All together. The first one was so buried in His material and business aquisition that He priotized it higher than the call of Grace Luke 14:18, the second priotized His wealth and devotion to the law in labour(for oxen signifies labour, toil and Jes) above the call to Grace. Another priotized wordly pleasures and satisfaction above the call of Grace. In summary,  all of them desired what they could earn for themselves and what they could boast in and exert their efforts into, above Gods call to enter into His Rest Hebrews 4 and this very foolish choice cost them their place in the abundance of God.

Do you find yourself along this path today, where you exalt your toilings and the attractions of this world, above the free gifts of God’s Grace in your life? Do you pririoritize your schedules above Gods call to fellowship and feast in His presence? Do you downplay Gods grace by your sense knowledge of things and happenings around you? God is calling you higher. He is saying “come up hither my child, to my place of Rest, to where everything is available unto you, in the throne room of my presence. Have Faith in me, in my unchanging goodness towards you, in my Love for you and in my Grace towards you and All shall be well with you.” Isaiah 55:1-3.

Jesus Is Lord!

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