Accessing the Lords Help in A New Year.

In a New Year with many goals and resolutions at your finger tips. You may feel on top of the game at times and at other times feel clueless about what to do. So the resounding question becomes “how do i remain on top of my goals all through this year in the midst of all seasons?” but the Answer is simple, “by the help of God.”

God speaking in Isaiah 41:10 says “Fear Not, for I am with you: be not dismayed for I am your God: I will strengthen you; yea, I will help you; I will uphold you with the Right Hand of My Righteousness.”

I have a question for you, When the Lord upholds you with the right Hand of His Righteousness can you fall? Can you miss it? Can you fail? Can you falter? ABSOLUTELY NOT, Because the Lord upholds Everything by the Word of His Power Hebrews 1:3. And we know that since the beginning of time when God created the heavens and the earth, nothing has fallen out of place(except the things man himself stimulated out of place like the claimed seas for the sake of land expansion and development which in turn reclaims its boundaries back with a vengeance). But with God who created All things perfect from the beginning, we see the force of gravity remaining effective till tomorrow, we see the moon rise and set as it ought to and the moon glowing every starry night and skies continually hanging above us. These are a few of the many things the Lord upholds which Never fails. How much more your life that was created in His own image and likeness Gen.1:27 (with the mandate to be fruitful, multiply, replenish the earth and subdue it, having dominion over other lesser creatures to man) will God not uphold. GOD NEVER INTENDED FOR MAN TO DOMINATE ANOTHER MAN OR WOMAN, RATHER MAN AND WOMAN WERE TO DOMINATE OTHER CREATURES OF GOD (Which were NOT In the Human Class) Gen.1:27-28. So if Gods desire is for you to have dominion upon the earth how would He not help you, seeing that He gave His Son Jesus Christ to Redeem you from the fall you were born into by the transgression of Adam which brought ALL Of the human Race underground to become enemies of God rather than Sons of God Genesis 3. So if God sent His Son for our exemption how won’t He by Him also give us ALL Things Freely Rom.8:32.

You see, when we gave our lives to Christ we became redeemed from the fall and became one with God, being reconciled back to Him Rom.5:6-10 &13-21. Therefore by believing in Christ Jesus and receiving Him as the Lord of our lives we became reunited with God, because we now belong to His kingdom, being on His side, He also is Now on our side Colossians 1:13, 1Pet.2:9 and we know that when God is for us who can be against us? No One Romans 8:31.

Therefore the Lord is giving you His reassurance All through Isaiah 41 that He would Help you. He is giving you His vow of promise that His Help is with you and All you have to do is to Refuse to fear the challenges that you might be faced with in this year, rather look to Him Alone, setting your eyes to Him like flint and you will Never be moved Psalm 46:5. We see King Uzziah in 2Chronicles 26 being made the King of Judah at age 16. Yet though He was young He did great exploits, wrought great inventions and reigned 52years in Jerusalem (longer than most kings of that time) because He was marvellously helped of the Lord and His secret was that He referenced God above All else refusing to fear people nor circumstances but He chose God to be His fear by reverencing Him in His heart and in His deeds; believing the Word of God and doing that which was right before God by obeying and walking in His precepts. You also can do same and get the same results Uzziah got, by reverencing God in your heart through Absolute Faith in Him and by following His perfect will and lead for your life All through this year. By so doing, you will Not fail, not even once because you will be marvellously helped of the Lord like Uzziah was. It doesn’t matter whether you are 10 or 12, 16 or 60, God is not a respecter of persons, what He did for one, He can do for you, if you would believe His word and follow His leadings in your life (which is made to bring you profit Isaiah 48:17), then you would see the marvellous hand of God helping you in All those Areas you allow Him into, bringing you great success beyond your wildest imaginations.

If you are yet to make Jesus Christ the Lord of your life, let today be the beginning of the rest great days of your life by accepting His love for you today. Simply say with Faith(believing in you heart) “Heavenly Father I come to you today believing you sent your Son Jesus Christ to the world to restore me back to you. I believe and receive His sacrifice for me on the cross. So today I believe Jesus Christ is Lord over All things and make Him the Lord if my Life. I receive Jesus Christ into my life today, take my Life Lord and do great wonders of greatness with it. Thank you Lord for saving me. Its in Jesus Christ Name I’ve prayed, Amen.

Congratulations on your New Birth, welcome to the fold of God kingdom, the first step is for you to get the Holy Bible(it can be downloaded for free on any App Store for any version of your choice, I recommend the KJV or Amp Bible translation).

Till the Next Post remain Ever Blessed and helped of the Lord, basking in His Love!

Jesus is Lord!

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