Grace For Grace

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Though you would have heard it over and again, allow me say to you “HAPPY NEW YEAR”. Its a privilege of great joy to be able to put pen to paper, writing to you this first day of the year and its my greatest desire that All through this year you’ll keep being transformed into the image of Christ to the point where All situations and challenges of life would bow out due to intensity of Gods presence in your life 1Sam.5:2-7.

I have indeed missed writing to you, sharing the Love of Christ Jesus and His Faithfulness and for the break, i apologize, but in this year, I look forward to writing more often by Gods Grace, revealing His heart to you and helping you channel your thoughts through scriptures to the fulfilment of your lives vision. Last year the Lord brought me through many waters and through many fires, but like He promised in Isaiah 43:2 He ensured by His Grace and Mercy that I was NOT Drowned nor Burned. It is for this very reason, I know that If He brought you to year 2019, He did so, because He Has a glorious plan for your life which is of good and NOT of evil to give you a future and a hope Jer. 29:11.

In this year, as you set new goals, seeking new ways to pursue your Vision and desires, let the Lord take the lead because He said He teaches you to prosper and leads you in the way that you should go Isaiah 48:17. You see, the Lords Grace would be your greatest support in this year according to John1:16 because it is ONLY by Grace we are Perfected and can receive Gods FULLNESS for our lives. Interestingly the just lives by Faith but Grace is what makes supplies of answers to our lives while Faith Takes it. For Grace is the Life (New Life) we Now live in Christ while Faith dictates, empowers and sustains us to live that life of Grace.

Therefore, Faith manifests the desired result because of Grace. Thus you will need the Grace and Faith exchange to see results manifest to you daily. So it is of Faith so that it might be by Grace, for the promise of God (spoken to us concerning this year) to be made manifest Romans 4:16. It is therefore wisdom to press in with Faith for the greater Grace of the Lord to find expression in your life this year. For their is no end to the Goodness of God Psalm 52:1 and His Grace is forever sufficient to us 2Cor.12:9 if we’ll believe, desiring to see more Grace manifest in our lives above that of last year because it is Available.

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