Ways We Acquaint Ourselves with Gods Wisdom Prt.4

3. Messages by Anointed men of God- You see the ministry gifts are not just given by God to man for no reason, rather it is for the edifying of the body of Christ and perfecting of the saints Ephesians 4. God did not make anyone a citadel of all wisdom and knowledge rather he distributed to All in Him, giving them all different gifts and calling as He wills so that where we are lacking we can and would find someone else who is sufficient and well equipped in those areas to help us in it. We see an erudite teacher of the gospel named Apollos in scripture who preached John’s baptism in Acts18:24-28 but when Aquila and prjscjila heard of his teaching style they taught him about the more perfect way through Jesus Christ and being humble He listened and obeyed and had a prosperous ministry to show for it Acts1:12 & 1Cor.3:6. Also Remember the Ethiopian eunuch who loved God but was ignorant about the scriptures, so he religiously read the scriptures daily but understood nothing in it Acts 8:26-31. But as the Holy Spirit brought James to him who expounded the scriptures to him effectively, he caught the light of the word and the heart of the father towards him, got born again and was baptised in water that same day Acts8:32-38. So is it with us as believers today, when we are confused or unsure about what step to take or what we may think God is saying to us, getting into a faith environment were the word of God is preached purely (with witness in your heart) is the solution. For as you do so, the word of God would come your way expressly ad the light of God would beam on every dark areas of concern or confusion to show you the way. Psalm says the voice of the Lord is upon many waters man in when the word is preached there you would find the voice of God expressly without fail. So we will find that the word of Christ Jesus being preached stirs up our spiritual level voice to be heard. 

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