Ways we Acquaint Ourselves with Gods Wisdom Prt.3

2. Books by Anointed Authors- There are certain truths God seeks to reveal to us, that we might not be able to grasp the depth of it on our own. We would require deeper insights by others who have being engraced to see deeper in those areas to fully understand, comprehend and come open towards God in those areas. We therefore see Daniel speaking in Daniel 9:2  “…I Daniel understood by books the number of the years, whereof the word of the Lord came to Jeremiah the prophet, that he would accomplish seventy years in the desolations of Jerusalem. Here Daniel had a burden in his heart for the state of Jerusalem which laid in ruins and devastation, but He didn’t understand why, because as a Jew dedicated to God, He knew God wanted His people to live in peace and rest. So in His confusion, He got books to study so that he could gain insight into he mind of God fo the hour. This payed off for him, because he got the revelation he needed about Gods appointed time for the end of Jerusalems desolation. 

I have experienced this truth on several occasions in my life also; where I sense that God is speaking to me but I’m lacking clarity. In those times I employ the aid of the Holy Spirit on which book to read and being the spirit of truth He leads me to read certain books that turn my hears open towards God in those areas and suddenly i begin to hear and understand with clarity what He had being saying to me all along. 

I remember one occasion in particularly where I knew I was struggling through life I didn’t know why but I just knew everything I did was a struggle, I prayed about it but was not receiving much in my spirit. Then one day I said to the Holy Spirit, “I need your help, please help me overcome this and understand what you are saying to me” immediately i sincerely admitted to this, he said to me “go to the bookstore, I’ll show you which book to get” I was surprised and skeptical at the same time as I didn’t expect such an answer but He is the spirit of truth that knows all things even to the root cause of our challenges beyond our wildest imaginations. So I obeyed, went to the bookstore nearby and started looking. As I approached a particular shelf, a book caught my attention and the Holy Spirit said that is it. I want you to read that book. You know scriptures says He works in us both to will and to do of His good pleasure, this was one of such workings and I was amazed by it. Interestingly, this was a book that as at that time was out of my league, in terms of the Christian authors I read or listen to but the Holy Spirit said to me “I have something there for you, so I want you to read it” Behold as I read this book page by page chapter by chapter, it was as though it was written for me and to me. I could see myself and the challenges I was facing in each chapter. So as I applied the advised solution to each challenge, the long standing issues where solved instantly. It was a glorious time for me in Gods presence as I journeyed through that book and transited into a more successful version of me. I was amazed at the leading of God through the Holy Spirit to me and the resultant effect of obeying the instruction to read a book on another anointed vessel of His. So are you challenged today in certain areas of life or the call/direction of God on your life, you don’t have to go through it guessing, rather get precision of direction by indepth study of the word via the help of the Holy Spirit and follow the lead of the Holy Spirit to get the necessary materials needed to advance your understanding in Gods word and to open you up to deeper revelations the Lord might be speaking to you on.

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