Ways God Speaks to us Prt 2

2. Through Scriptures- God would always speak to us via His word. David speaking by the spirit in Psalm 119:105 says, “thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path”. The word of God lightens our path, and directs our steps Isa.48:17. It is directive in nature as much as it is instructive and encouraging 2Tim.3:16-17

“All scripture is given by the inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction, in righteousness:

That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works” (KJV)

Are you a man or woman of God? Then this scripture applies to you. You may say “well I’m not a pastor, I’m just a regular Christian” or you may think “oh… I just love God, i dont have a call on my life”. The good news is that all those qualifications is not what resonates with God, rather with Him, He sees us All as His Sons Gal.4:4-7 with a specific purpose for which He created us, thus we are all men and women of God in His eyes. 

Thus the word charts a course for us in our every day lives. Personally I’ve realised that God speaks majorly through His word and even in times when He speaks verbally by His Spirit, whatever He says always agrees with His word. God and His word are one and the same. He does nothing apart from His word because three things bears record in heaven- the Father, the Word and the Holy Ghost and this three are one and three things bears record on the earth- the Spirit, the water and the blood and these three are one 1John5:7-8.  The Spirit and Holy Ghost mentioned earlier refers to the Holy Spirit Eph.1:13, the water and the word refers to the Word of God, as seen in Eph.5:26, and the blood refers to the blood of Jesus Christ shed for us.

So we see that the Word is crucial both to guide and to direct us because it bears record in heaven as it does on the earth. It is interesting to note that the Word is our lifeline, our base, our sure foundation because it is rooted in Jesus. As a matter of fact, the Word is Jesus Chrst Himself John1:1-5. So when we study the word, with an open heart to access wisdom, we encounter Jesus all through the pages of scriptures as He talks to us directly to give us guidance, direction and leading for our daily lives and also for the greatest issue of concern in our lives.

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