​Avoiding the Sand of Earthly Wisdom in Running your Vision.

The wisdom of God is first pure James 3:17.

 “But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be intreated , full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality and without hypocrisy. ”

Many times we get caught up in the need to come up with workable ideas for our businesses, careers or whatever God has called us to do. Unknown to us, mans wisdom is very limiting and weak in the face of life challenges. 

In my own experience, I have come to realize that everything which comes from the world around us has its disadvantages no matter how good it may seem at first(they eventually fall short). I remember my college days when  theories upon theories were taught concerning different topics, ideas and subject matters. They all went in different directions; every theorist wanting to have a say based on their individual hypothesis and permutations. But there was always an underlying clause which stated “this and that theory would only work when ALL things are equal”(That is to say, whenever all the variables are equally present, the stated theory would work). That sounded mentally acceptable at first but at the long run I quickly realised after I left college that most of those permutations and postulations were faulty in the midst of a rapidly changing world. 

I came to a rude shock that “ALL things are NEVER equal in the physical”, and i realized that the real world  kept experiencing constant fluctuations. All those theories had no strength to bear up under the weight of the fast changing phases of life and imbalanced nature of the earth. It was at this point, that the Lord helped me to see the bible in a different light and from a clearer perspective. He helped me realize that the Bible is God’s wisdom book for man Psalm119:105 and as God’s users manual for the life of mankind, if man applied Himself to the truth in it, man would be sure of a blissful life on the earth, via Gods Grace.

You see, the true word of God has stood the test of all times unto this present generation. It has being tried in the furnace of earth and purified seven times, yet it has come forth finer than gold Psalm 12:6. Thus, in the midst of my confusion and failures after several trials with worldly theories, the Lord started teaching me afresh, renewing my mind appropriately in His word and helping me to apply myself to His wisdom via His Word more than ever before. It was at this point, I began to see positive results I desired in my life and vision by His Grace (because the word of God is a sure constant, depending absolutely on Gods power which is 100℅ independent of the faulty world system). As one who was hungry for the truth, I learnt to come up higher with God to higher wisdom in diverse areas of ny life and again it worked at each turn, exposing the foolishness of mans wisdom 1Cor.1:25, 27-30.

That is why those who rest in the wisdom of men are of all men most miserable, not because they want to be miserable, rather it is because they are tossed about with every sleight of doctrine contrary to truth Eph.4:14. Thus, as they engage with this earth’s doctrine they become headed for a fall Prov.14:12 & 16:25.

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