​How to Abide in the Grace of God Prt.2

Once you understand the mystery in Matt.6:38-34 which is the secret to a graceful life you will see every other thing in your life fall in place because if you carry your cares it is liable to drown you. For we were not made by God to be care takers, rather in Christ Jesus we are born anew to be care ‘casters’ unto the Lord. Please Note that you could have a godly concern for things or people by seeking the Lord on how to react to the circumstance or how to show love towards the person in need. But once He tells you what to do, that is all you need to do, don’t add to it nor subtract from it because it’s in our absolute obedience to His leading that the power of God is unleashed on our behalf.

If you are carrying the care of certain areas of your life, let it go and you shall find rest for your soul. Isaiah 54:10 says:

“for the mountain shall depart and the hills be removed; but my kindness shall not depart from thee, neither shall the covenant of my peace be removed, saith the Lord that hath mercy on thee.”

Thus in times of trouble let Grace hold on to you by you believing the unconditional love and mercy of God towards you Rom9:16, 30 & 33. Stop focusing on the challenges, rather focus on His promises.

Sometimes building your faith in the area of your cares may require that you go on a retreat with the word of God, just studying the word, meditating on it, reading relevant faith materials in the area you are struggling with, so as to clearly see Gods promises to you in those areas that would boost your faith and set you at rest. When you come to the point of revealed truth, you would absolutely be at rest, because Gods word settles you.

If your schedule is so tight that you cannot go on a retreat, then feed on messages of men of God who have being anointed to minister truth in those areas. It could be your pastors message or the message of a spiritual mentor or the message of someone that bears witness with your spirit as truth which the Holy Spirit leads you to listen to. Just keep listening to this audio or video messages till faith is boosted in you to a point of Rest.  This three options have helped me a great deal and has brought me to a place of absolute rest in God in many areas of my life and I believe it can do same for you also. 

Why is this so important you may ask, well the simple answer is in Heb.4:3 “for we which have believed do enter into rest…” and Heb.4:10 “For He that is entered into rest, he has ceased from his own works as God did from His”. Thus we see the correlation between Faith, Rest and Grace. For grace floes to us when we rest and we can only rest in this busy and pressured world by Faith and “faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God” Rom.10:17. 

Remain EVER Blessed and at Rest,


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