Let Jesus Perfect You

Joseph had tried all He knew to do from His youth to ensure that every promise of God came to pass in his life, but the harder he tried, the farther he got from reaching his goals of becoming the dignitary God had revealed to him, that he would become Gen.37-41. 

Frustrated, he told the chief butler of the king to remember to mention his innocent case to the king when he was released from jail (where they both were incarcerated) and restored to the palace Gen.40. As usual he had just interpreted the dream of the chief butler and thought to put some effort into his release once again, but all  his efforts failed; for as soon as the chief butler was released from jail by pharoah, he forgot all about Joseph immediately.

Many of us are like Joseph in this scripture, we know what God has said concerning us and our life’s vision. So we start penciling ourselves in everywhere in other to get things working in our favour, thinking it is our self-efforts that would bring us the success God wants to give us but the harder we try the farther we get from our goals. Soon enough our vision seems bleak than ever before, so we become frustrated and tempted to throw in the towel. 

In the story of Joseph who had received diverse revelations from the Lord concerning His future, he had worked at doing everything perfectly in other to see Gods prophecy, come to pass in his life but at each cross road he met with failure. First his brothers sold him into slavery, secondly potiphars wife tried to seduce him, thirdly he was thrown in jail. At this point God had him in the perfect point where only His glory as God Almighty could be seen without the input of man in anyway. Thus in Gods own timing He perfected Joseph and brought him to the throne Gen.41.

It is therefore note worthy that walking right and living honourably in the reverence of God in all that we do is virtuous and expected of us as exemplary Christians Eph.5:15 but to rely on our good deeds to bring us to the throne would only birth failure in us because only Jesus and His grace towards us, was Made to perfect us and enthrone us Rom.4:4, 1Cor.1:30-31 & Rev.5:12.


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