​The Error of King Saul Cont’d.

Saul was chosen by Grace but in 1Sam.13, the sin of pride set into without him realizing it. He began to carry the care of not having the necessary kingly control over the people of Israel, because it was not until 1Sam.11, the whole of Israel agreed to have him anointed as king with one voice. Thus when pressure came in chapter 13, he wavered and made a huge error. You see that is the major purpose of pressure. It comes to test you, enquiring to know ‘who truly is in the center of your life? Is it you, ambition, money or God?’ If God truly is your center and Lord in all things , you would be quick to say like David did “lead me to the rock that is higher than I” Psalm 61:2 and we know the Rock is Jesus Christ. For in him we live, move & have our being Act 17:28. Unto Him,  should we put our absolute trust, not by reason of law but by reason of us increasing in Grace and maximising the grace of God in our life’s John 1:16.

The situation with Saul was terrible as he needed to quickly go to war against the Philistines who came against Israel with sophisticated weapons of war at that time and just like it was for David (when his homestead and that of all his followers were looted both of their families and properties completely) and the people were scattered from him as they spoke of stoning him 1Sam.30:6. So it was with Saul that the people were scattered from him also, (only they did not speak of stoning him), so when Samuel the prophet delayed in coming to deliver the word of the Lord to the people so Saul offered the peace offering and burnt offering to the Lord (a thing that was an abomination for a king to do for only a priest could offer such). 

This is a sharp contrast to Davids response to his own pressure in which he encouraged himself in the Lord and sought God’s face for direction in what to do next concerning the situation. Here we see that David looking to God for help but Saul looking to himself, his ability and kingship for his deliverance. Therefore, exalting himself above God unknowingly 1Sam. 13:11-14. The message translation says something interesting of vs.12 in that Saul said “when you (Samuel) delayed in coming…I took things into my own hands and offered the burnt offering ”. 

You see pride is always impatient with God because it thinks ‘I can do better and faster than he’. No wonder scriptures says be follower of them who through  Faith and Patience obtained the promise. The two combinations are power twins. Thus one cannot go nor succeed without the other!

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