​The Different Faces of Pride Cont’d.

4. Pride seeks to Carry Cares with Weak Hands- that is handling the issues of life independent of God. The  “i got this” syndrome has eaten deep into the fabric of the worlds societies, because men want to be identified and known for the things they are able to achieve for themselves forgetting that Jesus did not die to sustain our pride but to destroy it so that we can live through Him. Jesus did it all , so that man could be a recipient of Gods Grace, but when man chooses to bask in self glory, then the purpose for which Christ Jesus died is forfeited Prov.29:23 & Rom.3:24-27.

Their is something about man and the proud desire to be His all in all. People seek to fight their battles alone in their own strength and efforts, rather than seek God through Jesus Christ. Everything is going wrong in the world today, because people refuse to humble themselves under the mighty hand of God, to seek God’s help, wisdom and solutions to all the bugging issues of life. Thus by turning to self, they perish for lack of grace, Amos 4&5 for pride goes before destruction Prov.16:18. 

5. Pride refuses to acknowledge authority and we know pride goes before a fall, because this usually becomes the climax of things where pride sees himself/herself as the all in all, which eventually leads to a mighty fall just like the devil himself who was cast out of heaven because of the sin of pride Isaiah14:12-19. If people can understand that the sin of pride is as strong as the sin of treachery and treason, they would learn to always give God the center and first place in their life’s. This is so because, pride has to do with refusing to acknowledge the authority and power of a superior which always leads to you doing or trying to do things which belongs to the jurisdiction of that superior.

According to Wiktionary, ‘Treachery’ is the Deliberate, often calculated, disregard for trust or faith.
The act of violating the confidence of another, usually for personal gain. Also ‘Treason’ is the crime of betraying one’s own country and providing aid and comfort to the enemy. The truth is when you seek self glory, self survival and  self preservation you get in the flesh and betray the faithfulness of God to you. Thus without you knowing it, you empower the devil to do his evil work in your life and ministry 1Tim.3:5-6.

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