​The  Error of King Saul 

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Saul was a man chosen by Grace, who failed to realize He was marvellously helped of the Lord, thus he stumbled at the stumbling stone 1Pet.2:7-8. Saul carried the care for his life and ministry as a king over Israel and this, brought him to total destruction, such that he never recovered from his doom 1Sam.9-31.

We are introduced to Saul when he was just a young man hunting for his father’s lost his asses in 1Sam.9. Unable to find it, he met with Samuel, a great prophet of God at the time who anointed him King over Israel according to the word of the Lord 1 Sam. 10. It is interesting to note that nothing exceptional was said about the character of Saul, except that he was good looking with a much broader figure, maybe with six packs to compliment it, as he seemed to be the giant of Israel (because he was the tallest amongst all people)1Sam.9:2.

Therefore we see an election of Grace in the ordination of Saul, for we know God is not carried away by our looks or physical capabilities but our heart. Our heart position is what links with God’s Grace to changes our story. So Saul became the chosen king of Isreal and he did great till pride set in and consumed him 1Sam.13.

 You see, Pride is subtle and it comes in different shades, but one thing constant with it, is ‘self preservation’, seeking to proffer solutions through self rather than through Christ Jesus. Pride always seeks to handle matters by itself, for itself, because of itself without God. Pride never seeks to ask “Lord, what would you have me do?”. Rather, ‘Pride’ is an independent goal getter, always seeking to achieve its goals outside of God but it is interesting to note that, this is one things that repels God and His Grace to us. For God resists the proud, but gives Grace to the humble James 4:6 & 1Pet.5:5.

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