​The Different Faces of Pride

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1. Pride Carries the Care of its life, vision, task and ministry. It always asks “what can I do and how can I get out of this mess”. It looks to itself for solution, not being accustomed to looking up to Jesus. It focuses on self for solutions and answers to bugging challenges of life James 4:6-8 & 1Pet.5:6-7, forgetting that trusting in the arm of flesh brings defeat Jer.17:5-6.

2. Pride is Self Centered- the major syndrome of this is  “me myself and I”. We see it play out in Saul as he offered a burnt sacrifice to God instead of Samuel, for fear that the people were already leaving him and not following after him as King 1Sam.13:10-12 and 1Sam.15:24. In both cases, Saul feared the people, his image was the focus rather than God and for that he lost the throne and kingdom 1Sam.13:13-14 &15:23-28. The rich fool fell into the same trap of focusing solely on himself rather than God and his end was death Luke 12:16-21.

3. Pride Seeks After Vain Glory of itself first rather than God. The deception of pride, makes man seek after self glory just like Saul and the rich fool. Even in the midst of his error, Saul was seeking honour rather than restitution and self glory rather than to know how to get back in the Grace of God 1Sam 15:30. We are prone to this many times, always wanting to preserve our image no mater what, rather than allowing our image die so that God’s image can shine forth in & through us. Isn’t that why God said let us make man in our own image after our likeness ? it was for His image to shine through us and reflect on the earth, the fullness of His glory, not our glory and His name not our name. For it is in Him we live move and have our being.

So it is wisdom, to Give up self today, in other to reap His identity, give up your impeccable identity and you would reap divinity. Whatsoever He tells you to do, do it. For this is what Jesus meant when He said whosoever shall find his life would first loose it. Not unto physical death but in terms of self glory, pride and ego.

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