Grace and Visions

Tendencies for man to try to fulfil a God given task in the energy of the flesh is endless, because man lives in a constantly moving and progressing world that thrives on self effort, pressure and pursuit. 

On the flip side of things, the earth is ruled by a much higher spiritual force which is governed by spiritual laws. God set these laws that rule the earth into motion from the very beginning in Genesis 1. Thus these spiritual laws govern the physical laws and are superior to them, for there is  the glory of the celestial and the glory of the terrestrial 1Cor.15:40 but whatsoever is from above, is above all Psalm 97:9,113:4 & John3:31.
Therefore as believers who have being translated out of darkness into the kingdom of the dear son Jesus Christ in light Col.1:13 & 1Pet.2:9, we are to operate in the same class with Jesus Christ in God, far above all natural laws and limitations Eph.1:3 & Col.3:1-3 This means that where the world is struggling under the pressure to stay afloat in trying to achieve their goals we are not to do same, rather we are to flow in the Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, under the rhythms of Grace Matt. 19:28(MSG).
The world requires that we aggressively pursue after every goal and vision set before us with all our might but with God the approach and expectation is different cause His ways are higher than our ways and thoughts are higher than our thoughts Isaiah 55:9. Therefore the Lord first requires our absolute trust in Him, (not in ourselves) for the fulfilment of every vision He gives to us, that as we trust in His ability to work in us (as He has purposed) to will and to do of His good pleasure Phil.2:13. For you see when God is allowed to work through us freely, He would do the work through us without fail. Scripture says faithful is He who has called you, who also will do it 1Thess.5:24.
Therefore every vision must first receive Grace to deliver before it can be fully manifested, because it is only the hand of the Lord that can perform whatsoever His mouth has spoken, not the arm of flesh 1Kings 8:15. For without Jesus Christ and His Grace in our lives, we can do nothing John15:5.

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