Look Up!

Many ponder on what it means to look up to Jesus the Author and finisher of your faith Heb.12:2. Well, the answer is simple, it takes  focus on the Lord. When you are looking up, you are not looking to self nor to the circumstances surrounding your life rather you are looking up to Jesus Christ the author and finisher of your faith. Your faith and trust is wrapped and focused on Him unwaveringly.

Jesus as the author of your faith means he is the source of your faith. The center and focus of your faith. Many people have become deceived into focusing on their various degrees and certifications as their source. Others consider their pay check as their source. But in all of this money makes a lousy god and tragedies a deadly task master but our faith in and focus on Jesus Christ and His Word of Grace would be the spiritual force that attracts money and all forms of wealth to us and not the other way round. This is so because, because True Faith in Jesus has the capacity to attract all goodly blessings into our lives, destroying all forms of darkness and giving us the victory, in and by Christ Jesus.

When the material world becomes your source and motivation, then you have made temporal things your foundation and stronghold . Jesus said for every house built upon the sand was crumbled when the heat, storm and rain came Matt.7:26-27. But when we rest in Jesus- the Rock 1Cor.10:4 we can never be moved, shaken nor destroyed in the worst of conditions. For he that has believed has entered into rest and ceased from his own labour Heb.4:10-11. When a man focuses on the flesh he is sure to fail because the flesh profits nothing John6:63.

Jesus as the finisher of your faith means that He is the perfecter as He is the developer of your faith Hebrews7:19. When you are in Trial He is the one that sustains you and when your gaze is truly on Him and not the challenge, you would be at rest and not in turmoil. When Jesus is the finisher of your faith, your testimony is sure to come by Him and not by your own efforts because Jesus is the one that opens the door unto you and brings you in through it, just like He did for King Cyprus Isaiah 45:1-3. When Jesus Christ is your ‘Only True’ Source and Perfecter, nothing can ever go wrong Jer.17:7-8

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