Trusting The plans of The Lord


The Lord ways are higher than your ways and His thoughts are higher than your thoughts Isaiah55:9. God was referring to the human way of thinking when He said so. For His wisdom are hidden from the natural man 1Cor.2:14 but to us in Christ Jesus, being led of the Spirit of God, His ways are made plain 1Cor.2:12. Thus to every believer in Christ Jesus who are led by the Spirit are called the sons of God Rom.8:14. Therefore as sons of God, we are now made supernatural beings in Christ and should focus on God and His ways of doing things and being right and not own plans and paths 2Samuel22:31

Right in the midst of the storm (which the devil wrought to daze your faith), If you will trust the Lord, depending on Him for strength, then you would find that what the devil tried to harm you with, God would turn it around for your good because “all things work together for good to them that Love the Lord and are called according to His purpose” Rom 8:28.

This is just to encourage you today, that no matter what you are going through or faced with, the Lord is with you through it all. Don’t get into the trap to doubt the Lord or get angry with him because of a tragedy in your life, rather surrender your tragedies and wounds all to Him, trust Him to help you up, to heal your wounds and restore all your stolen dignity, for then He would help you up. For who can get angry with their helper and yet be saved? His help is ever sure, but resisting His help, keeps us away from His power.

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