How to Overcome Sin Prt.5

6. Engage the Force of the Holy Spirit Daily- The  Holy Spirit helps us establish our victories against sin by empowering us above it. Praying in the Holy Spirit goes a long way to build our faith in Gods righteousness  Jude 20. As you build the strength of your faith, you would be able to truly believe that you are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus and declare right in the face of sin and temptation your victories against sin. Just as it is written in 2Cor.4:13 that when you believe, you speak also. Your words of Faith is your empowerment against sin. Therefore yielding to the Holy Spirit within you, who is positioned to lead you into all truth and convince you of your righteousness in Christ amongst all other things is your sure immunity and establishment against sin in your life. People find it difficult to believe the truth that they can be set free from sinning and its addictions because they lack faith within themselves that they are truly the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus . But the good news is that as faith is developed(even in the place of prayer) the revelation of your righteousness status in God begins to get entrenched the more. Thus your victory over sin becomes more established by the force of righteousness in you.

Also yielding to the Holy Spirit daily, empowers you against the lust of the flesh Rom.8:8-16 e.g He would caution and constrain you before you enter a bar or go on a lunch date with a woman that is not your wife, or speak rashly to your brother e.t.c. He would help you before you get to fall into sin because He is your guide, guiding you into all truths John16:13.

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