How to Overcome Sin Prt.4

5. Engage the Force of righteousness through faith- believing you are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus 2Cor.5:17-21 and declaring it by faith no matter what happens is the secret to sustainable holiness in God because it is in focusing on your new root of righteousness and not on any fruit of sin you find yourself exhibiting that your new root in Christ Jesus is established and made to bear fruits unto holiness in righteousness, Eph.2:10, Gal.2:21 & Rom.9:31-32.

Eliminating sin in a persons life is the work of righteousness, therefore you kill the fruit of sin by entrenching your righteousness root in Christ Jesus by faith  (Rom.8:10-1,1Cor.15:34 & Rom.5:14-21). You successfully do this by the following ways:
A) Spending quality time in the word of Grace daily- You grow faith in this area by feeding on your gift of righteousness in Christ Jesus. For faith comes by hearing and hearing  the word of God Rom.10:17 you can only fight with what you know. When you are well armed with the revelation of Gods love for you and your unconditional righteousness status in Him, then you would be able to resist the devil when he comes to attack you with thoughts of condemnation, guilt and sin.

You see, one of the ways the devil holds a person in the bondage of sin is through condemnation and guilt. He may say to you “you are such an acholic, God doesn’t want to have anything to do with you” or he may say “you are a great hypocrite, you go to church on Sundays and smoke all through the week! You are living a big lie ”. I have good news for you, the moment you made a concrete decision before the Lord that you wouldn’t smoke anymore by His help. Grace had kicked into motion from then on to help you, deliver you and set you free. It doesn’t matter what happens from that point on. For if you still fall into the temptation of that sin, as long as you hold fast your confession of faith that you are the righteousness of God in Christ, your victory over the sin would be established. For by strength shall no man prevail, but Jesus strength is made perfect in our weaknesses if we would believe and claim His strength working in us, right in the midst of our weakness.

Rehearsing your sin would only make you sin more, but combating that sin from your position of righteousness in God would make you triumphant over it forever. Therefore it is wisdom to search out your righteousness status and  benefits in Christ Jesus; so that you can stand on them in Faith to wither out every  fruit of sin, remaining in your life as a believer (All of the Pauline Gospel extensively deals with this- from Romans to Philemon, including Hebrews).

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