How to Engage the force of Righteousness against sin Cont’d.

B) Keep Believing and Boldly declaring- Your Righteousness status and position in God through Jesus Christ should be boldly declared; even in the face of sin, the devil and all his accusations. Then, you would see yourself overcome sin and the devil gloriously 2Cor.5:20-21. You see, faith in Gods gift of righteousness to you (which is now in you) is stronger than your sins Rom5:17 and if you would strongly believe this truth and insist on it, no matter your pitfalls, the force of righteousness within you would overwhelm and destroy all the effect and symptoms of sin in your life.

This is true because with the heart, a person believes unto righteousness and with the mouth, confession is made unto salvation Rom.10:8-11. So with your heart you are to consistently believe that you are made righteous in God by Christ Jesus and with your mouth you confess this truth by faith. Thus your deliverance from every sin and addiction would be established by Grace. It is God’s will for you to live above sin, thus as you partner with Jesus in faith, yielding to Grace and His righteousness within you, you are sure of victory because He would truly help you. For He cannot deny Himself, rather, for He remains faithful till the end 2Tim.2:13.

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