How to Partake of the Communion in faith Against Sin.

The communion is the blood and the flesh of Jesus, which we receive in symbolism by faith through any solid food and drink which we set aside for this purpose. In Mattew14:22-24, we see Jesus take from the food(which happened to be bread) they were eating and by faith He said “take,eat: this is my body”, then He took out of the drink and gave to them to drink of His blood of the New Testament.

So, partaking of the communion is an act of faith you engage by taking the flesh and blood of Jesus Christ in faith. This can be done by taking a nut size cut from a bread loaf (or any other solid food available to you) and a cap full of water, juice or wine (non alcoholic) you have at your disposal, blessing it in faith as the communion according to Matt14:22-24 & John 6:53-58. Ever since I caught revelation of the communion years back, I have made it an habit to partake of it often whenever I eat and I have seen tremendous miracles in my life, ranging from healing in my body, deliverances, to breakthroughs, wisdom and so much more. Depending on what I am eating, I can take a little out of my bread or biscuit, or apples e.t.c  and take a little from my cup of either water, milk, juice, wine(non alcoholic) e.t.c say the prayer of faith according to John 6:53-58, and partake of it by faith.

You see, the crux and anchor of the communion is your Faith, believing with your heart and declaring with your mouth what Jesus said concerning the communion as you eat of it. Call to remembrance, Jesus ultimate sacrifice on the cross for your sanctification, discerning that His body sanctifies you Heb.10:10 & 1Cor11:24-29 and His blood cleanses you Matt26:28. Once you can rest in this truth in partaking of the Lords table(the communion) go to rest and allow Jesus work on you. Don’t try to be self righteous, rather turn yourself over to Jesus and you would find that He would sanctify you unto purity and holiness to the point where sin would become appalling to you 1Thess.5:23-24. For Jesus gave us the communion, so that our liberty in Him can be established 1John5:6-8. This is because you are loved of the Lord, cleansed and sanctified by Him Heb.10:10, thus making the will to sin to become dead in you. By the communion we are made alive unto God through Jesus flesh and blood and dead to sin and sinning by the potency of His flesh.

The truth about Jesus is that He is more willing to set you free than you can ever imagine and as a matter of fact, He perfected all that is necessary for you to obtain and walk in your freedom against sin. All that He needs from you is your faith to believe this truth and receive the token of His covenant for you in the symbol of His flesh and blood. For He said in John6:53-58, that whosoever partakes of the communion, dwells in Him and He in that person. So that the way He lives by God we should also live by Him(Jesus Christ) also. You see, God puts His action where His love and word is. He doesn’t just pay lip service to the love He has for us rather, He sees to it that we are free in Christ Jesus for ever at the instance of our faith and acceptance of the Jesus sacrifice for us.

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