How to Overcome Sin Prt.3

4. Look to Jesus Christ- Let your focus rest  perpetually on Jesus who is the author and perfecter of your faith. As you focus on him, you are transformed into His image. Two major ways of focusing on Jesus Christ are:
a) Spending time in His words all through the New testament. Focus on the words of Grace and your liberty is sure, because Grace works liberty and freedom in us from any bondage of sin Acts13:37-39 & Ephesians 5:25-27 reveals that Jesus cleanses and sanctifies us by the washing of water by the word. By these scriptures we see that we are cleansed and set free from sin by the word of Grace through Christ Jesus. Jesus said you shall know the truth ad the truth shall make you free. True freedom comes in Christ Jesus via His words of truth all through scriptures. The word washes you clean and keeps you clean. So stay with the word, stay in the word, abide in Him daily and your freedom is sure.

  b) Partake of the communion Table. Jesus said you who takes the communion would dwell in Him and He in you and you would live by Him just as He lives by the father John6:53-58. He also said, as often as you take the communion you do it in remembrances of Him 1Cor.24-25, thus partaking of the communions helps you to put in remembrance always Jesus and the sacrifice He made for you on the cross, thereby empowering you against sin and giving you victory over every evil habit. Luke22:19 & 1Cor.11:24-26.

The communion infuses the Life of Jesus Christ in you, thus causing you to live by Jesus as Jesus lives by the father John 6:57. It is a mystery we engage by faith, which delivers l on a high scale to us, Jesus power and ability even in us. It takes self  out of the equation and focuses on Jesus. You see, Jesus wants us to focus on Him a lot and not on ourselves and abilities; thus by the communion, He said as often as you take the communion you do it in remembrance of Me(Jesus and the sacrifice He paid for you on the cross) causing your victory over all of life’s situations, challenges and sins to be totally established.

By the communion we are made alive unto God through Jesus flesh and blood and dead to sin and sinning by the potency of His flesh which we eat by faith Heb.10:10. So as you keep engaging the mystery of the communion table constantly, your victory over sin is sure to be established because by the communion, you are receiving the blessedness of your covenant with God through Jesus, therefore the devils hold over you has to go. You see, by the communion table you have activated Gods Grace in your life and where light shines, darkness cannot comprehend it. So sin must give way to light(Jesus, Grace, liberty, freedom) everyday and every time John1:4-5 & Rom.6:14.


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