How to Overcome Sin Prt 2a

3. Have Faith in the Love God has for you- Many are stuck to the life of sin, because they find it hard to believe Gods unconditional love for them. They find it difficult to believe and receive His love because they feel they are unworthy due to their diverse act of sin. What they do not realise is that as a believer in Christ, Jesus paid all the sacrifice, so that Gods love can become unconditional towards them. Condemnation is the root cause for sinning in the life of a believer, for the devil knows that once he can keep you in the realm of condemnation, you wouldn’t be able to believe for Gods Grace, thus sin would be able to overpower you. Remember that scripture says it is the goodness of God that leads us to repentance,( not condemnation) Romans 2:4.

Condemnation draws us away from God,while faith in Gods unconditional love for us by Grace, pulls us towards Him. It is just practical that when a child knows his/her father to be a brut, it would always cause that child to run away from his/her father which would eventually birth rebellion in that child. But when a child knows how much He or she is loved unconditionally by His/Her father, it makes the child  run to His/Her father even to repent of their sins to Him because they know they are loved of Him. I had the opportunity to baby sit my nephew a few times, and something I noticed was that whenever he would throw tantrums and defy instruction, if I could call him to myself, hold him close and I tell him I loved him, he always became calm, then begins to do what I instruct him, even seeking to please me effortlessly. That is how the mind of an humans has being programmed by God; we thrive by love. Without knowing the love of God for us, we malfunction.

No matter what may be happening in your life right now you need to believe the love God has for you if you truly want to break free from the hold of that sin and reproach in your life. Only He has the power to set you free, so why not believe Him and receive the love He has for you today. You can’t help yourself, so stop trying.


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