Why Are You Not Progressing in Grace?

The issue with the church and many Christians today is not lack of power or purity but lack of faith to truly believe God, receive and use His Power in our life’s by Grace. It takes faith to truly access this Grace and to walk in this power already given us by God, not by works lest any man should boast, thus righteousness comes by faith through Grace. It is therefore the self effort of Christians that has made the power of God of no effect in the body of Christ today as it is the lack of Grace that causes people to sin, wrought evil and continuously suffer under the oppression of the devil though they are God’s children. For sin has no more power over the church of Christ Heb.9, but the issue is lack of faith. The body of Christ on the earth has fallen short in believing that Jesus (in all His glory and power) cannot set free every sinner from their sins nor every believer from their addiction.

Jesus paid the sacrifice in full for us so that we don’t have to go to hell nor experience hell on the earth, that is why He said “It is finished” at the cross John19:30, thereby making the lingering issue to be about faith. People refuse to believe that Jesus paid it all and would rather perform certain acts and do certain things in their self effort, which the Lord did not instruct, in order to access the free gift of God to them an it is for this reason they fall because by strength shall no man prevail 1Sam.2:9.

Therefore, from Jesus earthly ministry till date, sin has no longer being an issue to the church, rather unbelieve has being the biggest issue to people. For it is through believing and declaring the Word, salvation comes and it would be by faith, that a person would overcome sin, by believing he is the righteousness of God forever without fail and declaring it so. Yielding to the force of righteousness within us by faith is the secret to living a sin free life Rom.6:19. As you boldly declare your righteousness status (in Christ Jesus) before God daily, (irrespective of your shortcomings), you would begin to get empowered by God against sin on a daily basis as Grace can now perfect you by setting you free.

Trying to overcome sin by works is a setup for massive failure, for( works connotes your own effort to stop sinning apart from Faith in Jesus and His help in your life, while faith connotes the absolute believe in Jesus and the things He did for you on the cross including to destroy sin for you, so that you can be free from sin and sinning) no man can be made perfect nor justified by works but by Faith in Jesus Christ Gal2:16. For He alone is our perfecter and deliverer from sin, sinning and its negative effects in our lifes. The only way to overcome sin is by engaging the force of Righteousness through faith.


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I am one who is passionate about the plight of mankind in their quest for happiness and success in their immediate environment and seek to minister and publish practical, workable solutions for effectual living, using biblical principles via the gospel of Grace in Christ Jesus unto mankind. This is our goal at glow4life and I desire that you would be blessed tremendously by it.
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