Grace and Liberty

We overcome by Grace through Faith. It was the same with Jesus, that all those who believed in Him (though having one sin or the other in their life’s), received forgiveness for their sins, thus receiving healing and deliverances. Scriptures never records that they went back to sinning, after their encounters with Jesus; because you cannot truly encounter Grace and return to sin. Good examples of such receivers of Grace are Zaccheaus Luke19:5-8,  the adulterous woman John8:3-11, the paralysed man Matt.9:2-6 e.t.c. All these people who were recipients of God Grace through Jesus Christ never went back to their sins rather many of them became ardent followers of Jesus Christ as we see Jesus appear to one of such persons called Mary Magdalene from whom He cast out seven devils during  His earthly ministry Mark16:9. Mary Magdalene had become so passionate about Jesus ministry after her deliverance that on the very morning of the third day He was buried, she went to His grave to seek Him and there He appeared to her first John 20:11-16.

Therefore i submit to you that none of them who truly encountered Grace returned to their vomits. For a person can never encounter the forgiving power of Grace and return to sinning; Never. On the other hand, those who thought themselves to be righteous and Holy saw no miracles in their life’s and towns because they regarded Him not, being filled with unbelieve Mark 6:1-6. Therefore Jesus could not wrought  any mighty sign or miracle because of their unbelieve Mark 6:5-6

You would have thought a generation that killed prophets should not have had the mercies of God bestowed unto them especially in the fashion of Jesus Christ but for the promise of God to Abraham in Covenant, He had to keep Gen22:18, Gal 3:15-17. The same promise in Covenant we now have in Christ Jesus that even though Jesus said this generation seeks signs but would not be given any Matt12:39 & 16:4; He healed all that were oppressed of the devil and wrought mighty signs and wonders amongst the people  unto ‘All’ them that believed  Matt8:16, 12:15 & Luke 6:19. Thus if a wicked generation like that of Jesus days could receive the mercies of God, how much more in our day and time, would we receive of His mercies ad Grace towards us if we would just believe, because that is His intent Rom 9.


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I am one who is passionate about the plight of mankind in their quest for happiness and success in their immediate environment and seek to minister and publish practical, workable solutions for effectual living, using biblical principles via the gospel of Grace in Christ Jesus unto mankind. This is our goal at glow4life and I desire that you would be blessed tremendously by it.
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