What are the Finished Works of Jesus Christ Prt.2

4. Destruction of sin and its impact in our life’s- One major purpose of Jesus coming, was to destroy sin and its hold on man. In His death, Jesus, made the ultimate sacrifice of destroying the old law, its pattern and ways, thereby destroying the strength of sin in man’s (whether man or woman) life, which is the law 1Cor.15:56, Rom.7:9. We see Paul by the Spirit in Col.2:14 reveal that Jesus blotted out our sins, the note of accusations written against us as sinners and He nailed it to His cross. Jesus washed our sins away as if it never happened and He blotted away with His blood the old law and it’s negative  effect in our life’s Rom. 10:4 & Heb.10. Jesus did not only destroy the effect of our past sin, he also destroyed sin itself and its hold on us who would believe in Him John3:16-18 so that sin can no longer have dominion over us because we are in Him- under Grace. Rom.6:14. Therefore no matter your present state concerning sin, you have being empowered to break free from its hold in Christ Jesus (1John1:9, 2:1-2 Rom.6 & Heb.8:10-12) & live victoriously above it by yielding to His Grace by Faith, no matter what.

5. Restoration of our original place as He is with and in God- by the fall of Adam  man fell from his place of Righteousness(right standing with God), Glory, Honour, Power, Blessing, Strength, Wisdom and Riches with God. Therefore, man became subservient to the devil who he was to rule over.

During Jesus earthly ministry He said, I beheld the devil fall as lightening, Luke 10:18. Jesus displaced the devil right from His birth to His burial for three days, resurrection and ascension in glory. Col3:1-4 reveals that our life is now hid with Christ in God for by new birth we have being translated out of the kingdom of darkness where the devil rules into the kingdom of light where Jesus rules from over all things(including the devil), therefore making us to be sitted in heavenly places with Christ Jesus, far above all principalities and powers Eph.2:6 & 1:18-23. This is our new position in and with Christ Jesus. The position of power in Christ Jesus is ours at New birth because Jesus gave it to us Luke10:19.

Our new identity in Christ is now His righteousness, for we have being made the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus 2Cor.5:21. So we are not waiting nor striving to be righteous, rather we are already righteous in Christ Jesus by new birth and from our position of righteousness we are to live victoriously in life even unto holiness because we have being empowered to be as He is in earth 1John4:17 and live right in Christ Jesus Rom.6.

Our new inheritance in God is now ‘The Blessing’ rather than the curse Gal. 3:13-14. First at new birth, we were declared by the father to be ‘The Blessed’ of the Lord and highly favoured of God psalm 5:12 and from then on, we are to begin seeing the dividend of this conferment of ‘The Blessing’ in our life’s by the fruit it would begin to yield in us, of the blessings of health Exo23:25, strength, riches  (for it is The Blessing that makes rich and adds no sorrow with it Prov.10:22) e.t.c.

Now, all of this just requires our faith to believe that it is ours and it would be ours for evermore, because Jesus is the one who did the works for which we now enter the ‘Rest’ of it Heb. 4. The works of all the above mentioned has being done and perfected in Christ Jesus, thus the only thing required of us from now henceforth is to just ‘Receive’ our perfection from Him, because it is Grace that eliminates our weaknesses not works. For it is by Faith(believing and speaking) so that it can be by Grace, so that the promise of our inheritances may be made sure to us that believe Rom 4:16. 


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