What is the integrity of faith?

Many think when grace is preached in this dimension, you are giving people a licence to sin, but the reverse is the case, as God(not man) has taken away the license and power of sin over man, but He needs man to come to the revelation of this truth so that he can stay free from/of  sin and reproach all the days of His life through Jesus. Grace focuses your attention on God through Jesus just as Mary was focused on Jesus, thus under Grace you are too preoccupied with the mercies and goodness of God that you don’t have the time to sin. Before a Christian under Grace can sin, he must 1st get in the flesh and by self effort go to sin by the workings of the flesh Rom.7:5 & Gal.5:19-21, you are so encapsulated in Jesus Christ that He is the one working in you both to will(desire) Prov.16:1and to do(act, behave, become) of His good pleasure. That is why Gal.5:19 calls sin works of the flesh because you have to get in the flesh to do it compared to the workings of the Spirit in us which would birth, spiritual dispositions of the fruits of the Spirit. it is the Holy Spirit bearing this fruits in us and through us as we stay yielded to Him under Grace.

Grace is not a license to sin but an empowerment to live holy towards God, because by Grace you are being empowered above sin and sinning. For this reason you are required not to be full of self effort or phony faith, rather you should be absolute and sincere in your faith towards Jesus Christ 1Tim1:5-6 & . A Christian under grace does not desire to sin nor will to sin from his/her spirit; rather, your desire is Jesus and to know Him more on s daily basis.

Most willful desires of sin comes from the flesh and not the spirit therefore, when such a christian falls into sin, he is to subject the sin to the cleansing power of the blood of Jesus and present himself to Jesus with faith in His heart, receiving His forgiveness and cleansing with a sincere faith 1Timothy 1:5 & 2Tim.1:5. Where sin is an issue for you as a believer, rather than run from God, you are to run towards God, because is your only deliver through Jesus our ‘saviour’ from sin and its negative effects in our lifes. Lay the sin bare before God and let His power destroy its hold in your life. Faith is absolute and sincere in heart and upon Gods word 1Cor5:7-8. Faith doesn’t say “oh I’m the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus so I can sin and do whatsoever I like; No, rather Faith says yes, I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus therefore I cannot sin and do not sin, because the seed of sin is no more in me, therefore my thirst for sin is over forever and my body begins to desire the things of God. I yield myself to God and His righteousness, therefore he yields to me His Grace and mercy to overcome sin in every area of my life, because I believe God and His word is true in my life. Therefore I am free from sin to be married to Jesus , who is my Grace Rom7:4-6.

Faith is the force that pulls in the power of Grace into a persons life, for it is of Faith, so that it may be by Grace to the end that the promise may be made sure unto us Rom4:16. Self effort would only shut the bowels of Grace away from you and eventually set you up for destruction Rom. 9:30-33, but sincere faith towards Jesus, would perfect and establish you in righteousness and all things Hebrews 12:2, Psalm34:5. Nothing frustrate Grace more like self effort under the law as seen in Gal.5:4 which says Christ is made or no effect to whosoever is justified by the law, such a person, is fallen from Grace (see also Gal.2:21)

When sincere faith is activated in a person, the question about willfulness to sin  will not arise because, a person of sincere faith knows that God hates sin and desires that non should perish in their sins but that all should have eternal life. Therefore He gave us His son Jesus Christ as propitiation for our sin once and for all so that sin would no longer be an issue in our life’s Rom3:23-27, 1John2:1-2, Heb.9:27-28 & 10:10-14. Thus, by His sufficient Grace unto us, we overcome sin by faith in Him and his Grace towards us and in turn His Grace liberates us and  teaches us how to deny ungodliness Titus2:11-12.


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