What is Faith?

Faith is the believing of Gods word with the heart and bold speaking, declaration and  confession of it with the mouth without fear, doubt or unbelieve. Mark 11:22-24, 2Cor.4:13 & Rom.10:10. Faith is not moved by the senses but by the Spirit in the word of God Heb.11:1, Rom.1:17. Even in the face of obvious negativities, It calls those things that be not as though they were till they become real, transforming them to what they ought to be Rom.4:17. Insisting on the truth of scriptures in faith gives no room to ugly circumstances or negativities, neither does it give room to the flesh or self effort for it rests in God and in His word that cleanses us through and through Eph.5:26.

What Things About God and His word do We Have Faith in?
A) We are believing and declaring the finished works of Jesus Christ in our life’s without fail. What are the finished works we are referring to here? They are the works Jesus perfected on our behalf so that we don’t have to go through them all over again in trying to earn their rewards in our life’s. The summary of our new position in this finished works is seen in Rom.4:1-5. We see s glossary of this finished works in Isaiah 53 & 54. The whole chapters captures the entire progression perfectly. Isaiah 53 captures Jesus suffering for us and the reason He went through it. While Isaiah 54 captures our new stand with God without self effort because  Jesus has carried out all the works their is to be done concerning all of life’s situations. E.g by Jesus bearing grief, shame and sorrow have being made free from this ugly trio forever, Jesus being bruised for our sins, has made us free from sickness forever e.t.c. Therefore, our faith rests in the finished works of Jesus Christ for us.
B) We are Resting in His Grace to manifest His goodness in our life’s and to perfect us.
C) We are believing His love for us and His Grace upon us can deliver in our life’s.
D) We are believing that His word of Grace can empower us over sin and give us an inheritance amongst the saints.


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