Self Effort and sin

Many people caught up in the web of sin try to stop sinning by certain rules and guidelines, but what many discover like Paul in Rom.7, is that their desire for the sin increases and the frequency with which they fall into the sin increases. This is so because, sin is an offshoot of the lust of the flesh (and not the spirit) James 1:13-15. Thus, sin can never be combated by the flesh(in self efforts) but with the weapons of the Spirit, for the weapons of our warfare are not carnal(of the flesh, natural, human) but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds 2Cor.10:4. Therefore self effort would only push you towards sin as it is a position of pride against God, therefore you can never access his power that way, rather you would be resisted by self effort James 4:6 & 1Pet.5:5. On the contrary, absolute humble faith towards God, believes in Jesus sacrifice at the cross for it rests in this gift of righteousness, believing it and boldly decreeing against sin and at the face of the sin, thereby causing the power of God to be unleashed in that instance to set such a person free from every hold of sin and to prevent Him from falling into any of such sin in future Titus 2:11-13 & Rom10:10.

The Rest of Victory in Christ Jesus

Therefore the next time you are tempted with sin boldly declare “Jesus I receive your help today against this  sin (state the name), I boldly believe and declare that where sin abounds Grace does much more abound in my life Rom.5:20 therefore in the Name of Jesus Christ I decree that Gods grace is sufficient for me over and against sin and i believe with my heart that Jesus paid the ultimate sacrifice to destroy sin in His flesh and blood therefore, I plead His blood over me against sin Heb12:4 and I decree that I am sanctified against sin in Christ Jesus Heb.10:10. So, I boldly resist sin and the devil by faith right now in the Name of Jesus, because I believe with my heart and declare with my mouth that I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus 2Cor.5:21, therefore I cannot and do not sin, because i am dead to sin in Jesus Christ Rom.6:2,7 & 11 by His Grace at work in me right now in Jesus Christ Name,Amen”.

As you begin to repeat this in faith, especially declaring boldly that you are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus 2Cor.5:21 you would begin to experience the power of God released and manifest in your life without fail because by faith you have encountered power even the power of righteousness by resting in His Grace .


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