Allow Jesus Help you Deal with the Sin Issue

You cant truly encounter Jesus and continue in sin Rom.6:14 (for many who still willfully sin, have never encountered Jesus at all but religion.) and you can’t truly encounter Jesus and remain oppressed. Its time for Gods people to step out in faith and receive the Grace that Jesus bought for us by His blood, thereby walking in liberty, wholeness and freedom without the works of the flesh but by the touch of Grace through faith.

The issue with the church today is that she is preoccupied with correcting and controlling the mixed multitudes in her that she now has no time for Jesus(the same was typical of the pharisees regarding Jesus. Too busy picking faults that they missed His power and glory) and rather than preaching to get this mixed multitudes truly saved by Grace, the church seeks to keep them within the peripherals of the law, hoping they won’t sin and forgetting that the law makes nothing perfect. We should note that the law is for sinners as a rudimentary pattern to bring man, especially a sinful person, to the end of Himself/Herself 1Tim.1:9-10. The law engendersĀ  self effort and self effort would always bring you to the end of self, for by it you will never be Justified Gal.2:16, 3:11 &5:4.

The law was given so that man could identify what sin is Rom.7:7-12, so as not to yield to them but the law was never given to help man stay away from sinning, for it was weak in this area Rom.7:13-23. Only Grace was made to empower man against sin and to make man perfect towards God Rom.6:14 & Heb.7:19. Therefore continuing in what should be a schoolmaster, would only breed unskilled children and not mature sons in God Gal. 3:22-25 & 4:1-7. By this error, double dealings and phony christianity remains prevalent and natural to the unbelieving members of the church and to these category of people,helplessness washes over them because they remain in the church unchanged, never encountering Jesus but religion. Thus the will to sin remains alive in the mixed multitudes of church goers, making their lives perpetually void of testimonies. The thing about this pattern is that sin is still aliveĀ  and never dead under the law but under Grace, sin dies Rom.6:2-8, 11-18 & 22.

Notice that in the wilderness, despite the law, the mixed multitude amongst them were still able to draw the Israelites into sinning Numb.11:4, because of their unbelieve and lack of faith in God. Many of them knew not God and so fell and by it and the Israelites that knew God fell also because under the law there is no saving Grace. We see that Grace must have her perfect walk in us for there to be transformation around us. The preaching of law can never make the unbelievers change their minds and even if they do, it never keeps them true to God. It is the goodness of God that brings men unto repentance not the law and it is the Grace of Gof that perfects a person Heb7:19. Therefore, real Christians by the law becomes stifled, growing into faithlessness along the way and becoming slaves to sin (as the mixed multitude already are), rather than dominators of sin because under the law and religion, nothing works Mark7:13 & Gal.5:2-4.

The focus here, is not to say that sin should be condoled amongst us but to ensure that the way to make sin powerless and run oppression out of the body of Christ is to beam the spot light on Jesus via His Grace because He is the only one that has the power to destroy sin in any ones life Heb.12:2, Rom.5:21 & 6:14. Therefore as you focus on Him, His help would be rendered to you, making sin powerless in your life. Therefore the sin you seem to be struggling with has to give way to the righteousness of God now activated in you because you have exposed it to a higher power of Grace in Christ Jesus. For to the mixed multitudes Grace is still crying out but how can they believe if they do not hear and how can they hear if no one preaches it to them Rom10:8-15(esp.14-15).

Notwithstanding, the people to whom the Lord is speaking passionately this hour, born again Christians, who truly desire the things of God in Christ Jesus but have encountered nothing of much value in their life’s as the devil has sold lies to them that their sins or non performance is the reason for their stagnation in life, it is a lie. It is lack of adequate faith in God, His love for us and His Grace towards us that has led to our stagnation in life. A close study of Isaiah 53 & 54 would help us under stand the price Jesus paid for us on the cross and what He stands for in our life’s. The thing that limits the power of God in our life is not sin (for Jesus completely dealt with it and took the power it had in our life’s by His death, victory in hell, resurrection and ascension, being the first born again christian to enter in heaven Heb 4:14 all by faith) but our self effort under the law Rom.3:20 &28, Gal.2:16, 3:11,24 & 5:4. Allow Grace to help you and you would be shocked to see how the power of God would overshadow you to live a life of Holiness, increase and blessings in all areas like Jesus Heb.11:6 & Titus2:11-12. For we are anointed to be as Jesus is in this world 1John4:17.

Therefore, if your issue is with sin, allow Him help you and you would find that you would sin no more Rom.5:20. If your struggle is with sickness and disease, allow Him heal you and you won’t be sick anymore. If your challenge is with poverty and stagnation in life, allow Him be your restorer and your life and finance would experience a boost like never before because He became poor so you could be rich without reservations.


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