The Sacrifice Jesus Paid to Help You

The sacrifice Jesus paid was once for all time, so that whether sin, sickness, disease, lack, want or oppression, it all should be totally defeated and destroyed once it gets into His presence at the instance of faith by anyone who would believe. Heb.9:24-28 & 10:10. Jesus said come unto me All of you, that labour and heavy laden an I will give you ‘Rest’ Matt.11:28.

God speaking in Hebrews says unbelieve prevented the Israelites from entering into the ‘Rest’ of the promised land when they should have. In Hebrews 3:6-19 we also see profound statements made all through Hebrews 4:1-end. We see the truth being revealed that when we believe, we enter into the rest of God vs.3 and he that entered into God’s rest has ceased from his owns works vs.10. Then He said, let us labour (fight) to enter into this rest, lest we fall after the same unbelief of the children of Israel vs.11. Adding any form of works to this pattern given us by Jesus is simply disobedience and religion thereby making the word of  God ineffective in our lifes.

There are so many great and perfect things, God can bring into your life when you ‘Rest’. For it is in Rest, you access Gods best. We see Peter in Luke 5:5 toiling all night to catch fishes, but caught nothing. Notice, that to this man the night season was the right time to go fishing according to fish science and to a man under works and the law, night is not for resting but for toiling. Then we find something unexpected happening suddenly by day, when it was most unlikely to get a fish. At the simple instruction of the Lord to Peter, He caught a boat sinking harvest of fishes. No wonder people are struggling a lot today, because many are following after, believe systems, principles, strategies and patterns the Lord never gave. They are toiling hard but catching nothing because they are going about it the way the Lord hasn’t said. They have added something extra which they thought the Lord said, but which He didn’t say. Just like Peter who had a tone of finality in his response to Jesus in saying “we have toiled all night and caught nothing ” many have exalted religion and tradition above Jesus and the Truth of His Grace and unlike Peter who quickly aligned himself rightly by saying “nevertheless at thy word I will throw in the net”. Many have maintained their pride and have refused to be corrected, thereby being destroyed in the process because pride goes before a fall.

We need to settle this in our minds and hearts as believers that Gods way is perfect without any need for additions to it and in Christ Jesus it is simple without need to complicate it. Having a revelation of this truth would set us free for life. We see in the book of Hebrews the in-depth revelation and implication of the change of priesthood in Jesus Christ. We see in Hebrews7:11-19 & 9:1- 12 & 10:4-14 the total change that took place with a pointer that a believer has being ushered to a place of total Rest in God through Christ Jesus as He now ‘Sits’ (not standing any more like the old testament saint but sitting) at the right hand(power position) of the father Heb.10:12.

Therefore we know that if it is of Grace, it is no more of works nor of self effort, but of absolute Faith (in believing and decreeing what God has said to us Mark11:22-24,Rom.4:17& 2Cor.4:13) because when it is by Grace, it cannot be by works and when it is by works, it cannot be by Grace Rom. 11:6 but if it is from Jesus, then it would be of Grace, speaking ‘Rest, Rest, Rest’ all the way. We also know that if it is hard, it is not of Him, if it is stifling it is not of Him, if it is draining it is not of Him and if it lacks Peace and Rest, it is not of Him. So if Jesus came to give us Rest and peace; even as He is called the Prince of Peace, why should we then be toiling?


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