How to Listen through Grace (Prt.2)

2. Request His Grace outpouring on you- because except Grace is revealed, Grace cannot be grasped by Logos(the letters of the word), 1Pet1:13 & Gal.1:11-12 but by Rhema(the revealed knowledge of the word) Matt. 3:11 and Acts 1:8. Grace is the power of God made manifest to man without the works of the flesh and it is represented by the symbol of fire all through scriptures, Thus the above scriptures goes hand in hand with  Acts 2:1-4. John said the one that shall come after me(referring to Jesus) shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost ‘and with fire’. Also Jesus said,  you shall receive power ‘after’ the Holy Spirit has come upon you. Meaning the Holy Ghost baptism is one and Grace Baptism is another. Therefore upon request, we are baptized under the Grace anointing Acts 4:23-33. It is note worthy that at the baptism of the Holy Ghost we received the baptism of Grace also Acts2:3 & 4. The mighty rushing wind Acts2:1-2 happened before cloven tongues, like as of fire sat upon each one of them Acts 2:3-4 which reveals a great dynamics between the operation of Grace and the Holy Spirit. We must understand that the Holy Spirit is the custodian of God’s Grace in our life’s Eph1:13-14 thus He is called the Spirit of Grace Hebrew 10:29. In Acts 2:2, the Holy Spirit rushed into the upper room using the symbol of a wind(He is not wind but He is symbolised as wind John 3:8) in Acts2:3 Grace came upon them and in Acts2:4 the Holy Spirit filled them up and began working the grace in and upon them. The resultant effect was a totally transformed apostles who saw salvation of souls and miracles like never before Acts 2:5-47 & 3:1-end.

   First,  a once timid set of disciples became bold. Peter’s tongue as an unlearned man became a tongue of the literate, speaking fluently in learned languages of others.
   Secondly, three(3) thousand persons became born again (on the spot) and added to the church.
    Thirdly, unity reigned in their midst with great Love and Peace as Grace abounded. Thus many more joined themselves to the church, becoming disciples in Christ Jesus.
      Also, a replication of Jesus healing Ministry took place by the hand of Peter and John.
     Next, they boldly stood against their accusers even to the Pharisees, saducees and priests.
     Finally, despite their trials they had an unusual joy transcending their challenges.

Despite all of this, the disciples knew they has to pray and this time they consciously asked for this Grace by Faith in Acts 4:24-31 desiring for it’s higher impact in their life’s and ministries. The resultant effect was Acts 4:31; a repetition of Acts 2:2. They were filled with the Holy Spirit again, along with Grace unlimited Acts 4:31b-35(esp.vs33), thus Great Grace came upon them , all in all.

Therefore Gal.4:22-end reveals that Grace and law cannot cohabit vs.30, because one has to give way for the other. Thus as Spirit filled Christians, we need to consciously thirst and pant after His Grace consciously Psalm63:1 in other to maximise the benefits of God’s Grace in our life’s and to operate effortless in this realm of Grace. At a genuine request this is given to us by our father, not because we didn’t receive Grace at Holy Ghost baptism but because we need to consciously desire it, to see its outpouring in an unlimited dimension in our life’s Isaiah 55:1.  The reason for this Grace baptism is for the repositioning of our minds towards Grace and alertness of our Spirit to receiving it effortlessly without struggle.

The Church world today, struggles with Grace because Grace is not yet  a revelation to them, so they are yet to receive the baptism of Grace. But when that which is perfect is come (Grace)  that which is in part would have to give way and be done away with (Old Law, it’s approach, pattern and effects) Hebrew 7:19, Gal.3:23-25 & 1Cor.13:10.


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